Work Journal:
December, 2016

Playing Cards

Completed: 20.12.16

A truly bespoke design, our client required an individual image to the face of each card, with the logo running along the back of each card. The end result is an intriguing pack of cards that offers humour to the user whilst reinforcing the brand. A job well done!

For this project we used our Playing Cards (MP10050).

Senator Hattrix Soft

Completed: 15.12.16

Everything looks right about this logo and pen combination, the grey print ties in perfectly with the trim and the logo size is just right. Also a pat on the back to our production team for registering the 3 spot colour print so accurately.

For this project we used our Senator Hattrix Soft (MP16022).

Stress Heart

Completed: 04.12.16

A brilliant campaign for highlighting a worthy message, the heart stress toy, with its clear white print, is hard to miss and demands a squeeze!

For this project we used our Stress Heart (MP16971).

Prodir DS3.1 Ballpen

Completed: 03.12.16

We love the shape of this pen, the swiss quality shines through. Here a black print contrasts strongly to the clean white finish, giving a strong promotional impact.

For this project we used our Prodir DS3.1 Ballpen (MP15550).