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Why choose personalised sports bottles? MoJo Promotions provide a brilliant collection of personalised sports bottles, all created to be custom printed with your company name. Sports Bottles provide a fantastic way to support your logo. The branding options found with personalised sports bottles is sure enough to ensure your marketing intents are met. Our selection includes - Tacx Bottles, Protein Shakers, Water Bottles and Reusable Water Bottles as well as many more. All of our products can be custom printed to suit your aspirations, please contact us for more information.

Encourage fitness & get your protein fix with a custom printed Protein Shaker. A variety of branded protein shaker sizes are available to suit your needs.

Ideal for hotels, restaurants & corporate events, promotional Reusable Water Bottles are great for storing refreshments in whilst promoting your brand.

As a international leader on cycling sports bottles, we are proud to produce a range of personalised Tacx Bottles. We can even do branded Shanti bottles!

Our range of branded Water Bottles includes everything from personalised fruit infusers to customised Camelbak's, all which can be printed with your logo.