Promotional CD Holders & Cases

Looking for a convenient way to keep all your old and odd CD’s together? Our promotional CD Holders & Cases are perfect for the job. Personalised CD holders & cases are ideal for storing any discs that have long since lost their cases to keep them scratch free or handing out to customers to keep their branded discs safe when bought from gigs. We have ensured that our range of customised CD holders and cases contains various different sizes, ranging from singular options all the way up to ones capable of holding 24 discs. So whether you're handing out a new CD with your music on or just keeping all the classics that have long since lost their cases, make sure you're doing it with a custom printed CD holder. 

CD Holders & Cases



Plastic material. 7 colour choices. Impact resistant. Customised to 1 outer side.

£0.52 on 250+ (MQ 100)