Promotional MP3 Players

MoJo Promotions supply a wonderful collection of personalised mp3 players, all designed to be custom printed with your brand. Mp3 Players provide a fantastic way to present your logo. The branding options found with personalised mp3 players is sure enough to ensure your marketing goals are met. Our range includes - Slap on Sound MP3 players, Sport MP3 Players and Credit Card MP3 Players as well as many more. All of our items can be custom printed to suit your intents, please contact us for more information.

MP3 Players

Credit Card MP3 Player

Credit Card MP3 Player

Never be without your music with this personalised Credit Card MP3 Player! Wit..

£7.66 on 500+ (MQ 500)

Slap on Sound  MP3 player

Slap on Sound MP3 player

Stylish slap-on anti slip bracelet (worn on upper arm)combined with an MP3 mod..

£18.24 on 250+ (MQ 50)

Sport MP3 Player

Sport MP3 Player

Small, lightweight 2GB MP3 player. Supports MP3 / WMA format. Battery included.

£18.88 on 125+ (MQ 25)