Work Journal:
April, 2019

Full Size Promotional Football

Completed: 28.04.19

This Full Size Promotional Football has branded with Ionic's logo across multiple sides offering immense publicity. The hearty yellow really stands out and will be well received when it takes to the field!

For this project we used our Full Size Promotional Football (MP14666).

Phone Pop Stand

Completed: 17.04.19

This slick Phone Pop Stand has been neatly branded using a digital print to the top. The white and red vibrantly combine giving the Krispy Kreme logo a wealth of exposure. 

For this project we used our Phone Pop Stand (MP20807).

Embroidered Sweat Headbands

Completed: 16.04.19

This embroidered headband for Undertone oozes sophistication. The bright green glows off of the black giving plenty of brand exposure. Great work Undertone!

For this project we used our Embroidered Sweat Headbands (MP16881).

Rubiks Cube

Completed: 11.04.19

DRYice have had their branding finely printed to a selection of the stickers on this Rubiks Cube. It's such a neat way to promote their brand especially considering that there are 6 lush colours around the cube to compliment the artwork. 

For this project we used our Rubiks Cube (MP11147).