Work Journal:
October, 2019

Beechfield Original 5 Panel Cap

Completed: 30.10.19

This project made the entire office smile! Las Iguanas approached us to design these caps in a children's size in a glistening sky blue colour with their artwork and logo transfer printed in a fine white to the front. This cap wouldn't go amiss in a retail background and we are really chuffed with the outcome.

For this project we used our Beechfield Original 5 Panel Cap (MP20255).

Milan Mug

Completed: 29.10.19

The Nautical Institute are back with yet another stunning design. We love how dynamic the white of the mug is, allowing the finely printed artwork to almost bounce from the mug. Sometimes simple can be so sophisticated, and that's exactly what the outcome of this has been.

For this project we used our Milan Mug (MP15776).

Marrow ColourCoat Mug

Completed: 28.10.19

This is such a cool looking mug! Ravenscroft approached us on this one and wanted their vibrant red branding colours using a Colour Coat onto the mug, with their logo crisply etched onto the front face making this mug a smart tie-in to their branding colours. Stunningly clever, enjoy Ravenscroft!

For this project we used our Marrow ColourCoat Mug (MP14906).

Jelly Bean Factory Bags - Express

Completed: 25.10.19

It's hard to resist our Jelly Bean Factory Bag sweets, but when the branding is like Monmouthshire's it's virtually impossible not to ignore them. Digitally printed to the bags using their white and explosive orange branding colours, not only do the flavours burst, the packaging does tenfold!

For this project we used our Jelly Bean Factory Bags - Express (MP16848).

Pantone Matched Durham ColourCoat Mug

Completed: 24.10.19

We are so fond of Pantone matched merchandise and are delirious about how these mugs came out. The logo and branding on these mugs were generously spread across all side of the mug in a sharp white and a forest green. They look outstanding on the Pantone matched deep navy which gives the mugs a grand posture. 

For this project we used our Pantone Matched Durham ColourCoat Mug (MP14151).

Gold Santos Ballpen

Completed: 22.10.19

Just WOW! We were utterly delirious when we received a copy of this pen, and it's not hard to see why! Ferrero had their artwork finely laser engraved to the barrel of this luxurious gold looking pen, fitting in seamlessly with Ferrero's branding strategy. 

For this project we used our Gold Santos Ballpen (MP17062).

Floating Duck

Completed: 20.10.19

Fun, vibrant and utterly adorable these Floating Ducks will inspire the imaginations of all generations! College Court chose very carefully to have their branding pad printed in a crisp black, and on the bright yellow of the duck, may we say they also chose wisely! Superb College Court, good job!

For this project we used our Floating Duck (MP15037).

Electra Soft Touch Ballpen

Completed: 17.10.19

What a chic looking design by the Creative Triangle this is! Laser engraved to the barrel we adore the contrast between the branding and black pen, which is balanced out with the silvery ends of the pen. It gives the pen an stunning executive look and we're sure everyone will want their hands on one of these! 

For this project we used our Electra Soft Touch Ballpen (MP20340).

Davenport Copper Insulated Bottle

Completed: 14.10.19

A laser engraved design is one of the smartest and most elegant ways of branding, and HSBC racked up a blinder with this design! The engraving has a delicate and smooth finish which works wonders with the complexity of the rooted black bottle. 

For this project we used our Davenport Copper Insulated Bottle (MP20821).

Bespoke Shaped Cufflinks

Completed: 11.10.19

You only have to gaze at these Bespoke Shaped Cufflinks to know that they burst with quality and prestige. Carefully stamped and enamel filled, The Nautical Institute are going to stand out from the crowd with this classy looking design. Sheer quality, good work!

For this project we used our Bespoke Shaped Cufflinks (MP16798).

Twin Highlighter

Completed: 08.10.19

For this project we were approached by Basingstoke College of Technology. Their logo and branding was printed to the centre of the highlighter in a classic purple that bounces off of the minimalist white of the highlighter. The finish is do delicate and would brighten up any pencil case.

For this project we used our Twin Highlighter (MP17400).

Airline Toiletry Bag

Completed: 07.10.19

Sometimes simple can be so effective, and this is exactly the case for Wex's Airline Toiletry Bags! Stunningly pad printed to the centre of the bag, we love the contrast between the deep black, lush red and clear nature of the case which gives it a wonderful corporate finish. 

For this project we used our Airline Toiletry Bag (MP10890).

High Quality Soft Enamel Badge

Completed: 04.10.19

What a gorgeous set by Bloomsbury! Each design was carefully digitally printed to the badges with the branding colours used to associate each house. The detail in each design is so exquisite and are raised to new heights with the rich colours used for the base of the badges. 

For this project we used our High Quality Soft Enamel Badge (MP13904).