Work Journal:
November, 2019

Turin Ballpen

Completed: 30.11.19

Elegantly screen printed to the barrel of the pen, Prentis' white branding shoots of the animated red offering excellent publicity. This works wonders with the luxurious nature of the pen giving all aspects perfect cohesion.

For this project we used our Turin Ballpen (MP16004).

Sweets in Eco Pot

Completed: 27.11.19

HSBC have wonderfully tied in their branding colours with the Sweets in Eco Pot! The brilliant white on the deep red gives the label such a dazzling finish, these are easy on the eye and will go down a storm, great work!

For this project we used our Sweets in Eco Pot (MP20931).

Tile Mate New

Completed: 25.11.19

Sometimes you have to hold your hand up, and say job well done! For this we were commissioned by Chill Out and designing this was an utter pleasure. Finely digitally printed to the bottom of the Tile Mate, the rose red is just devastatingly brilliant. For such a tiny piece of kit this will certainly stand amongst a crowd.

For this project we used our Tile Mate New (MP21080).

Universal Full Colour Mug

Completed: 24.11.19

We love a black on white design, and Trinity have done such a marvellous job with this! With this we finely digitally printed their branding to the grip which gives both the branding and mugs a premium finish.

For this project we used our Universal Full Colour Mug (MP20695).

12" Round Balloon

Completed: 21.11.19

These gorgeously screen printed 12'' Round Balloon is a real crowd pleaser! The dynamic red of the balloons propels Kripsy Kreme's intricate white design to really make it stand out.  

For this project we used our 12" Round Balloon (MP10325).

Vinyl Stickers

Completed: 18.11.19

Digitally printed to the entire front of the sticker, the Demonware logo is striking and cool. The rich blue propels the muted black which seemingly bounces off of the sticker! We love the sleek shine that these sticker's have and it gives this set a beautiful accomplished finish.

For this project we used our Vinyl Stickers (MP14820).

Turin Ballpen

Completed: 13.11.19

CFC are back with yet another stunning project for us. Despite the laser engraving being small it really packs-a-punch on the dark ocean blue of the barrel. We just can't stop looking up and down at it! Exceptional once again CFC!

For this project we used our Turin Ballpen (MP16004).

Thunder Sticks

Completed: 09.11.19

These Thunder Sticks are going to go down a treat at Table Tennis England's event. The design is so compelling- with the brilliant white branding fighting with the glowing red sticks. Clean and fresh, these will offer them a wealth of publicity. Enjoy the event guys!

For this project we used our Thunder Sticks (MP14025).

Soft PVC 2D Coaster

Completed: 06.11.19

PVC moulded to the front of the coaster, these are so plush and blissful. Don - Bur have used their branding colours, with the logo receiving strong hierarchy on the clean white backdrop. The harmony between the upper and lower design is thoroughly stunning!

For this project we used our Soft PVC 2D Coaster (MP10929).

Rubiks Cube

Completed: 04.11.19

What a showstopper this Rubiks Cube is! Litho Printed full colour to each of the stickers on this Rubiks Cube there is an array of extraordinarily intricate details to each side offering huge branding exposure with a retail quality finish. 

For this project we used our Rubiks Cube (MP11147).

Paper Flags

Completed: 02.11.19

Made for UK Sports World Para Swimming Championships these Paper Flags really do get straight to the point! We are so happy with they way they came out. Litho printed with each nationalities flag, they glisten when held up to light which propels each dazzling colour to new heights. 

For this project we used our Paper Flags (MP13233).

Oil Drum Stress Item

Completed: 01.11.19

This is Oil Drum Stress Item is a great example of a well tied-in promotional item. The brilliant yellow combined with the sparkling blue keeps the pad printed logo neatly animated on the stress item. The Nynas workforce will see those stressful days fly straight out the window, nice job!

For this project we used our Oil Drum Stress Item (MP14983).