Work Journal:
April, 2020

Full Colour Socks

Completed: 29.04.20

A truly stunning design with a premium looking finish sums up these vibrant Full Colour Socks in a nutshell. We were overwhelmed with excitement when we received this sample, with the dye sublimated printing method coming up trumps and keeping the smaller elements of the repeat pattern crisp and energetic.

For this project we used our Full Colour Socks (MP20411).

Tron USB

Completed: 25.04.20

USBs are a popular product throughout our range and this immaculate Tron USB is just an example of why! We pad printed the chic looking design in a fearless black which looks assured and smart on the shiny silver USB. This wouldn't look out of place on any high-street, good job!

For this project we used our Tron USB (MP18498).

Rainbow Charging Cables

Completed: 22.04.20

This bespoke little charging cable was such a joy to produce! Using a moulded PVC branding method we were able to achieve the sky blue Pantone matched shape which we then raised in order to add the logo. All of this meant we could tie the brand ideologies into the product, whilst also keeping it practical.

For this project we used our Rainbow Charging Cables (MP20064).

Noir Edge Notebook

Completed: 20.04.20

This Noir Edge Notebook is bold and utterly stunning! We love the contrast between the black and cyan blue which just draws you in, whilst the white screen printed designs in either far corner simply glow off the black.

For this project we used our Noir Edge Notebook (MP19832).

Twin USB Wireless Charger

Completed: 16.04.20

For these chargers we were approached by our friends at Outsourced Events and boy are they smart! For these we digitally printed the designs in a Pantone matched ocean blue and lime green whilst we removed the white from the artwork within. The end result leaves the beaming white of the chargers exposed which gives them a quality and professional looking finish. 

For this project we used our Twin USB Wireless Charger (MP21064).

Rubiks Cube

Completed: 13.04.20

This Rubiks Cube is a fine example of how to coordinate a set of primary colours. Each label was digitally printed with the lush colours that combine on each side to reveal a design once the cube is completed, with the logo scaled up on the darker blue side which gives it a superior level of hierarchy.

For this project we used our Rubiks Cube (MP11147).

Full Colour VR Glasses

Completed: 09.04.20

The University of Leicester blew us away with excitement when we received their artwork for these VR glasses. Using their vibrant red-gradient branding colours we were able to create a full covered set of glasses alongside tidy boxes which the glasses were supplied in. Their logo was placed in the top left corner of both elements in a vibrant white, an astute idea as we are naturally drawn to the top left as we read across, giving it an extra layer of superiority.

For this project we used our Full Colour VR Glasses (MP20381).

Mini Round Mint Pot

Completed: 03.04.20

All the elements on this Mini Round Mint Pot are individually simple, yet combined they look premium with a flush finish. The artwork is what really gets us! The digitally printed daring red, white tagline and black background combine to create a balanced hierarchy with the backdrop of the white mints. We then topped off this design with a domed resin finish to give it that extra bit of sparkle and quality.

For this project we used our Mini Round Mint Pot (MP14219).