Work Journal:
July, 2020

Stress Heart

Completed: 31.07.20

Using a product to reflect their brand colours, HSBC pulled a blinder with this project! Despite a small printing area, HSBC went for a vibrant bright-white which was pad printed onto this glowing-red heart to give the design exceptional distinction.

For this project we used our Stress Heart (MP16971).

Regent Insulated Bottle

Completed: 24.07.20

Also featured in our Portfolio and home page, it's no wonder this Regent Insulated Bottle for Krispy Kreme has gone on to be one of our favourite projects! They went for their logo screen printed in a fine white on a silver bottle, a subtle finish that resonates a laser engrave effect. Considering the low cost, all of these cleverly thought out design elements gave these a desirable & premium looking finish!

For this project we used our Regent Insulated Bottle (MP20195).

A5 Medium Croft Notebook

Completed: 21.07.20

One of our best selling products with multiple Work Journal entries, the A5 Medium Croft Notebook has been given colossal justice with Telstra's designs! Selecting a set of 3 to tie-in with the branding colours gives the artwork maximum customisation which we think is so innovative! 

For this project we used our A5 Medium Croft Notebook (MP19302).

Glow Wireless Charger

Completed: 20.07.20

The digital print on this Glow Wireless Charger came out such a treat! The faint gradient in the 'M' gives the composition a smooth finish which stands out boldly against the white charger and jet black text, giving all elements a stunning contrast in hierarchy.

For this project we used our Glow Wireless Charger (MP21222).

Small Laminated Bag

Completed: 15.07.20

This sleek looking Small Laminated Bag is so impressive. For this entry we flood printed the white based bag using a deep black, whilst litho printing the De Montfort University Griffin to the front & giving it plenty of breathing room for stunning exposure. The white handles elegantly match in with the design which gives the bag a wonderful energetic finish. 

For this project we used our Small Laminated Bag (MP13519).

Beck Metal Ballpen

Completed: 14.07.20

Pantone matched onto the barrel of the pen this artwork has a wordly level of exposure against the shiny white pen with chrome detail for a slick overall finish. We completely adore the way these are held to light to give them an even more accomplished outlook that make them even more of a joy to write with.

For this project we used our Beck Metal Ballpen (MP20686).

Full Colour Snood

Completed: 11.07.20

Dye sublimated, these Full Colour Snoods pack a punch! For this job we used Leicester City Football Club in the Communities traditional blue for the base whilst using a modern repeat pattern to give the branding maximum brand exposure & a more desirable finish.

For this project we used our Full Colour Snood (MP20955).

Mint Cards

Completed: 09.07.20

When has a set of mints ever looked so dazzling?! The sunshine orange and cyan blue cards were used on this project for brand affiliation, with the logos alternating on either set to give the colour-brand cohesion that next level personalisation.

For this project we used our Mint Cards (MP15043).

Desktop Garden

Completed: 07.07.20

Our team instantly fell in love with this design by the University of Leicester! Thanks to the use of a digital print technique we were able to crisply print their logo on the wraparound label which was printed in their fiery red branding colours. Against the aluminum can it bursts with vibrancy, creating a stunning level of brand exposure. Great job!

For this project we used our Desktop Garden (MP14315).

Bespoke UK Made Socks

Completed: 02.07.20

With their artwork woven into our Bespoke UK Made Socks, Outsourced Events have developed a piece that we are exceptionally proud to have been a part of! The use of the main black separates the white logo from the cyan, green & orange aspects giving each position a stunning level of balance and vibrancy.

For this project we used our Bespoke UK Made Socks (MP20311).