Work Journal:
August, 2020

Romani Ballpen

Completed: 30.08.20

We always believe daring colour choices speak for themselves, so team Glorose we salute you! What made this project so special was the decision to screen print the artwork using their vibrant orange branding colour onto one of our elegant blue Romani Ballpens which gives it a great deal of sophistication on the polished nature of the pens. The chrome ends and gift box tied all the elements off for a gorgeous final outcome.

For this project we used our Romani Ballpen (MP15887).

Twister USB

Completed: 27.08.20

We've said it before and we'll say it again, we utterly adore Dome Resin finishes and this Twister USB is a perfect example as to why! What delighted us the most with this one was the unity between the fiery red stick & artwork which was digitally printed onto a white twister. These basic colour combinations are heightened once combined with the dome resin finish, polishing off the piece for a premium and long-lasting finish.

For this project we used our Twister USB (MP10577).

Americano Mug

Completed: 23.08.20

The use of contrast is what made this Americano Mug for the University of Leicester such a success! Using a matching navy blue grip and lid, the dynamic white mug with matching artwork to the grip gives the piece wonderful consistency whilst the contracting tones result in a sophisticated & desirable product.

For this project we used our Americano Mug (MP15262).

Slim Power Bank

Completed: 19.08.20

If you're considering branded tech and need inspiration then look no further than this job we did for Sennheiser! Slickly Digitally Printed to the top of the power bank and to the box we really appreciate the use of the montone elements that creates a bold & powerful looking conclusion. Sophistication in-a-nutshell!

For this project we used our Slim Power Bank (MP19951).

Fruit of The Loom Baseball T-Shirt

Completed: 15.08.20

These soft, premium-quality Fruit of the Loom T-Shirts came out a treat for De Montfort University! Using a variety of positions including the back, left & right breast against the glowing white of the t-shirts gave all elements stunning hierarchy whilst all flowing harmoniously. The royal blue finish of the shoulders then gives it all a modern, polished looking finish that wouldn’t look out of place in any high-street window!

For this project we used our Fruit of The Loom Baseball T-Shirt (MP14020).

A6 Small Croft Notebook

Completed: 14.08.20

This set of compact A6 Small Croft Notebooks we produced for Demonware have a stunning level of character and ooze personality. Tying in their brand identity with closely matched notebooks colours meant that the screen printed designs have maximum impact whilst giving the whole set a seamless distinction. 

For this project we used our A6 Small Croft Notebook (MP18086).

KeySmart CleanKey

Completed: 11.08.20

The subtle contrast between the crisp laser engraved artwork and the chrome plating really gives this KeySmart Cleankey an established & premium looking finish! We love the balance between HSBC's logo and message which provides a wonderful level of visual hierarchy, great job HSBC!

For this project we used our KeySmart CleanKey (MP22124).

A5 Medium Croft Notebook

Completed: 10.08.20

It's simple to see why these A5 Croft Notebooks had the Mojo team mesmerised! Outsourced Events innovatively tied in these screen printed designs with reversed matching notebook colours to create a desirable and retail looking set of these soft notebooks. This gave the entire set real distinction whilst producing next-level brand identity. 

For this project we used our A5 Medium Croft Notebook (MP19302).

A6 Postcard

Completed: 08.08.20

We are passionate about making basic branded goodies look exceptional & this job was no exception to that rule! For this we used a vibrant white & glowing orange against a deep black backdrop to push the branding to the forefront of the message whilst adding the icon to the bottom right corner to add a bit of personality and fun!

For this project we used our A6 Postcard (MP22021).

PU Compact Mirror

Completed: 05.08.20

Specsavers exceptionally made the most of these PU compact mirrors. Using a 1 colour pad print using their lavish green to the face of these white mirrors meant we could cut out the Specsavers typography to allow the brilliant white to tie-in with the composition and give it a natural looking finish. 

For this project we used our PU Compact Mirror (MP21255).

Pencil Case Set

Completed: 03.08.20

If you've had one before, you'll be well aware that we are fond of a set of branded merch here at Mojo and this Pencil Case Set job we did for The University of Leicester is right up there! What really pleased us on this one was the resourcefulness of tying-in the reds, blacks and whites of their brand colours to create a unique & distinctive looking set with works harmoniously, all whilst screaming the University of Leicester brand!

For this project we used our Pencil Case Set (MP15755).

Full Colour Snood

Completed: 01.08.20

These soft feeling Full Colour Snoods for Simba are bursting with colour and style! The snood was dye sublimated meaning we could successfully print the gorgeous background gradient in full colour which contrasts elegantly with the white foreground shapes.

For this project we used our Full Colour Snood (MP20955).