Work Journal:
October, 2020

4000mAh Metal Powerbank

Completed: 29.10.20

What a way to really tie-in your branding by collating your design on the contents and packaging! That's exactly what Liberum did with these powerbanks, with their digitally printed artwork printed in full colour against opposing montone backdrops creating a sophisticated atmosphere between both elements.

For this project we used our 4000mAh Metal Powerbank (MP21242).

Hi Vis Slapwrap

Completed: 27.10.20

Distinctively Specsavers through the use of a screen printed, Pantone matched logo we love the harmony between both the logo and glowing yellow slap wrap. The lengthy print area also meant we could print their logo repeating along the wrap for that next level exposure whilst out & about!

For this project we used our Hi Vis Slapwrap (MP10565).

Campbell Lunch Cooler

Completed: 23.10.20

This lunch cooler is certain to turn heads during the lunch time rush hour! The gorgeous blue cooler is wonderfully interrupted with ECL's screen printed logo; centred towards the front within a white circle which melees with the squared edges of the soft material for a greater level of clarity & superiority.

For this project we used our Campbell Lunch Cooler (MP16507).

UK Made Face Mask

Completed: 22.10.20

This dye sublimated face mask we produced for Darlington Borough Council will turn heads in any public space! The fun artwork to the front creates a positive atmosphere which is propelled against its darker counterpart, with the logo smartly placed in the top corner for a more subtle yet distinctive overall finish.

For this project we used our UK Made Face Mask (MP22164).

25mm Button Badge

Completed: 20.10.20

HSBC cleverly got their branding message across whilst giving their logo clarity by using their distinctive sharp-edged triangular shapes combined with a rainbow pattern inside. The white base of these nimble badges creates greater leverage for the design to stand out amongst busy crowds. Simply stunning job HSBC!

For this project we used our 25mm Button Badge (MP13813).

Textile Mouse Mat

Completed: 17.10.20

With 100% coverage to the face of these mouse mats Cobra Biologics were able to focus the design towards their logo using their key brand red colour which monopolises it's surrounds, giving a furthered level of hierarchy & dominance to the logo (mouse not included). Great job guys! 

For this project we used our Textile Mouse Mat (MP16723).


Completed: 15.10.20

Can something as basic as a white plate promote your brand we hear you say? Well take a look at this stunner from BlueEarth Construction! We used a crisp screen print around the outer side of the rim which offers the most exposed vantage point helping to levitate each of the 3 repeating logos against the glowing white backdrop.

For this project we used our Plate (MP10002).

Adjustable Face Mask

Completed: 14.10.20

The University of Leicester managed to seamlessly tie-in their key brand language & the result is a fashionable looking mask! Using their new white & red logo against their main grey pantone there were able to create a mask that is completely bespoke, partially thanks to the crisp dye sublimated printing process which really nailed in those brand colours. Excellent job University of Leicester!

For this project we used our Adjustable Face Mask (MP22290).

PVC 50mm Keyring

Completed: 13.10.20

These moulded PVC keyrings ooze next level customisation! They were cut to Guzzi's bespoke shape then moulded to give the design those raised edges which have a crisp and high quality feel. 

For this project we used our PVC 50mm Keyring (MP11532).

Bespoke UK Made Socks

Completed: 11.10.20

These Bespoke UK Made Socks would sit comfortably on any high street shelf! Using a range of vibrant coloured threads these nifty designs were woven together for a soft and premium overall finish.

For this project we used our Bespoke UK Made Socks (MP20311).

Regent Insulated Bottle

Completed: 09.10.20

This devilish looking pair of Regent Bottles distribute high levels of sophistication & elegance. The shiny silver and deep matt black bottles had the artwork to the face screen printed for maximum exposure whilst the lid of each bottle was laser engraved with the artwork for a longer life and stunning looking finish.

For this project we used our Regent Insulated Bottle (MP20195).

Woven Polyester Ties

Completed: 09.10.20

Also featured in our Portfolio, these ties we made for De Montfort University have a stunning executive finish that would do any graduation ceremony proud! Jacquard woven, they opted to use their iconic Griffin logo to the left side in their red brand colours which is propelled gorgeously against the deep black nature of the tie.

For this project we used our Woven Polyester Ties (MP13829).

Webcam Cover

Completed: 06.10.20

The jostling of balance is what really makes these Webcam Covers stand out amongst the crowd. This design was inspired by our in-house studio boffins who decided to use the icon as the main base of the composition with the full logo as an enforcement in full colour against the deep black background, giving all other elements a higher ranking for a clear and succinct brand message.

For this project we used our Webcam Cover (MP19328).


Completed: 02.10.20

This exciting trio really got the mojo team off of our feet! Alongside a branded bowl and cup, this Plate was screen printed to the outer radius for maximum exposure whilst in use whilst the opposing bright white of the plate releases the vibrancy of the red, green & yellow.

For this project we used our Plate (MP10002).