Work Journal:
November, 2020

Motorcyclist Neck Scarf

Completed: 29.11.20

This was such a fun & exciting job for our team thanks to the Book Box Club! Using a set of their charming illustrations they decided to utilise the 100% print area with a running repeat pattern against a cream coloured base which produced similar characteristics to a children's story book, furthering their brand message to-a-tee

For this project we used our Motorcyclist Neck Scarf (MP18782).

Ceramic Take Away Mug

Completed: 28.11.20

What a treat these mugs turned out to be for our friends over at E2E! The smooth & cool nature of the ceramic gave the branding a level of elegance which simply glistens against its backdrop. What’s more is that the lid & grip are made from a robust silicone giving the finished article a rustic feel whilst maintaining a modern aesthetic through the colour choices.

For this project we used our Ceramic Take Away Mug (MP16543).

Senator Nature Plus

Completed: 27.11.20

From the moment these two glowing Senature Nature Plus pens arrived at our office we were instantly filled with pride! Amberstone decided to cannily utilise the wrapped print area with logo to the front of their barrel & website to the back to nail in their branding and keep all sides exposed whilst in hand. Excellent job Amberstone, until next time!

For this project we used our Senator Nature Plus (MP16018).

Scale Ruler

Completed: 25.11.20

This Scale Ruler really looks the part! Digitally printed with their design across the length of the crisp white ruler, Hydro decided to use 2 complimentary logos at either end of the ruler with the company contact details centred between both elements for maximum usage of the generous branding area, furthering the brand capability and leading to more exposure.

For this project we used our Scale Ruler (MP11678).

Camelbak Eddy+ 0.6l Bottle

Completed: 24.11.20

Retail quality and utterly desirable these Camelbak Eddy+ bottles we produced for Amino Communications have an impressive level of hierarchy & dynamism. We screen printed their branding to the front face in line with the pre-printed Camelbak logo which simply highers the level of prestige of the overall aesthetic.

For this project we used our Camelbak Eddy+ 0.6l bottle (MP21853).

Full Colour Snood

Completed: 23.11.20

The mojo team was ecstatic with the quality of Lendlease's Full Colour Snoods! What we really loved about these soft feeling snoods was the array of contrasting colours against the vibrant white material which helps spread the focus for furthered brand awareness whilst also being fun and trendy!

For this project we used our Full Colour Snood (MP20955).

Regent Insulated Bottle

Completed: 22.11.20

The harmony between the deep black base, silver lid and subtle white branding gives these bottles we did for Appdynamics an exquisite & stylish looking finish that is bound to draw eyes and further publicises their brand! With the logo running up the bottle we are naturally drawn from each end and focal point to scan up and down the bottle, furthering the exposure & quality of these nifty bottles. 

For this project we used our Regent Insulated Bottle (MP20195).

Travel Ear Plugs

Completed: 20.11.20

BlueEarth Construction went with a split design for these ear plug labels with the trio having a shiny & savy quality. The circumference of the tins helps galvinate the round labels at the top (digitally printed in full colour) which helps each tin acquire a high level of proficiency in aesthetic.

For this project we used our Travel Ear Plugs (MP13265).

Senator Super Hit Polished Ballpen

Completed: 19.11.20

What makes these pens we did for the University of Leicester look so trendy is the balance between the lushes white screen printed artwork and vibrant red pen. These pens have a beautifully smooth touch which shimmers when held to light, enhancing the overall design for a desirable looking product.

For this project we used our Senator Super Hit Polished Ballpen (MP11683).

A4 Colouring Book

Completed: 17.11.20

All elements and colour choices for this colouring book help lead the eye to the centre courtesy of the glowing white rectangle, giving the Homes for Lambeth logo colossal levels of publicity! We adore the glossy finish which gives all aspects an accomplished feel which furthers the quality of this simple looking product. 

For this project we used our A4 Colouring Book (MP10331).

Alexander A5 Hardback Notebook

Completed: 14.11.20

Made using a vegan leather material, the Medical Research Network has put together a complementary & energetic set of notebooks we simply applaud! To further the desirability and longevity of each notebook they decided on a premium blind embossed print method giving them glossy overall aesthetic.

For this project we used our Alexander A5 Hardback Notebook (MP15897).

4000mAh Metal Powerbank

Completed: 11.11.20

The artwork on this metal power bank we produced for ECL has been intelligently designed with their logo digitally printed in full colour which bounces off the white base of the glossy power bank. The brand awareness is furthered by incorporating their telephone and website underneath using their mid grey which is secondary to the logo in height & scale for a stunning level of hierarchy.

For this project we used our 4000mAh Metal Powerbank (MP21242).

Fruit of The Loom Baseball T-Shirt

Completed: 03.11.20

These retail Fruit of the Loom T-Shirts we produced for De Montfort University have a major level of continuity when comparing each component. The luminous white of the T-Shirt makes both the artwork and light forest green detail a strong focal point; drawing the eye towards the chest area to really expose the screen printed branding. 

For this project we used our Fruit of The Loom Baseball T-Shirt (MP14020).

Paper Stickers

Completed: 01.11.20

Digitally printed with a mix of reversed designs, these stickers for Homes for Lambeth are so simple yet so striking when it comes to promoting their brand. The glossy nature of the paper material furthers the exposure, particularly when held to light which gives them a distinguished feel.

For this project we used our Paper Stickers (MP14818).