Work Journal:
January, 2021

Chocolate Beanies in Maxi Rectangle Pot

Completed: 30.01.21

This beanie pot is dominated through the use of shapes throughout its overall structure. The artwork on this was digitally printed in full colour then finished off with a slick dome resin finish for durability whilst the gentle gradient in the top left gives the colour palette a refined edge. Colourful and circular in nature, the beanies act as the base of the colour which is complimented stunningly through the sharpness of the bottom right design.

For this project we used our Chocolate Beanies in Maxi Rectangle Pot (MP19304).

Beck Metal Ballpen

Completed: 26.01.21

Having the ability to reverse logos against similar coloured products is something that's not always possible, but when it's done right like this Beck Metal Ballpen it's so effective. The glistening nature of the ballpen works astonishing well with the white screen printed artwork & is tied off spectacularly against the striking purple base.

For this project we used our Beck Metal Ballpen (MP20686).

38mm Button Badge

Completed: 21.01.21

Now this is how you make something so simple look so good! The University Leicester supplied us with this full colour design which we digitally printed onto the badges. What gives this badge that next level desirability is the gorgeous blue gradient being mixed in with the upper black which is furthered by the shimmer when held in light. Simply stunning, really good work the University of Leicester!

For this project we used our 38mm Button Badge (MP13814).

Universal Travel Mug

Completed: 19.01.21

This Universal Travel Mug is just draw-droppingly delightful! The design on this occasion was printed in 2 colours which play a vital role in the dynamism between structure & surrounding colour. The white within jostles with the blue surrounding which then ingeniously blends in with the surrounding cool yellow mug & baby blue lid.

For this project we used our Universal Travel Mug (MP19810).

Rainbow Sunglasses

Completed: 16.01.21

The quality of the print is what blew our minds here at mojo HQ! Despite being 7mm high the pad print technique we used against these lively sets of cyan blue sunglasses came out succinct and highly detailed. The branding is subtle but at a well thought out vantage point, giving it a concise level of brand exposure whilst worn out and about.

For this project we used our Rainbow Sunglasses (MP17428).

Beck Metal Ballpen

Completed: 13.01.21

Screen printed with the design on the barrel next to the clip, we love the levels of hierarchy that is conveyed throughout this pen! A stunningly vibrant red creates the catalyst for the structure, with chrome details complimenting the shiny finish that gives the sharp white branding an established balance.

For this project we used our Beck Metal Ballpen (MP20686).

Xoopar Octopus

Completed: 11.01.21

Despite having a small branding area this Xoopar Octopus project we did for Mimecast conveys amples of exposure courtesy of the colour choices. Mimecast's familiar blue draws a comprehensive amount of attention against the slick white body. Marvellous, great job Mimecast!

For this project we used our Xoopar Octopus (MP19082).

Rutland Wireless Mouse

Completed: 08.01.21

Monotone colour choices can really help propel core focal points when it comes to branded merch, and this Rutland Wireless Mouse is no different. Pad Printed to the smooth palm area of the mouse against a shiny black the branding has an enduring impact that devastatingly ties in with this nifty tech device.

For this project we used our Rutland Wireless Mouse (MP19343).

Mint Roll

Completed: 04.01.21

Simple yet striking, these Mint Rolls we produced for Mimecast speak the brands volumes. Digitally printed on a white wraparound label their distinctive blues were Pantone matched making the final product uniquely Mimecast. What's more is that the foil within pokes out at either end to give the label a detailed level of contrast and a sharp slick finale.

For this project we used our Mint Roll (MP11406).