Work Journal:
June, 2021

Pantone Matched Durham ColourCoat Mug

Completed: 27.06.21

Both of these Durham Mugs were Pantone matched to the outer sides giving them a truly bespoke feel which works in harmony with the black print and white inner to make the truly burst into life. The matt finish also gives these vibrant mugs a delicate touch which are simply a joy to hold. Now someone pop the kettle on!

For this project we used our Pantone Matched Durham ColourCoat Mug (MP14151).

Durham Mug

Completed: 19.06.21

A classic mug that meets modern design values this project for Sticky Baits filled us with pride! With a deep black outer and contrasting white inner, their design was screen printed in 2 colours to the outer wrap area offering all sides a considerable vantage of brand exposure. The harmony between the white, black and pink just gives these mugs a slick overall aesthetic, really nice work Sticky Baits!

For this project we used our Durham Mug (MP13693).

Full Colour Thermal Bottle

Completed: 11.06.21

This bottle simply screams style & class! On this occasion our contact decided on a polished white bottle accompanied with a silver lid, a simple choice of colour that becomes luxurious and highly desirable through the stunning wrap around designs. These were printed in full colour but the highlight for this project for us was the map, which was printed at 30% tint of black for a subtle finish.

For this project we used our Full Colour Thermal Bottle (MP21855).

Baseball Stress Item

Completed: 08.06.21

Produced for an event, this Baseball was playfully chosen to tie in with the campaign creating a distinctive piece that has bundles of brand potential. The logo was printed in black with the icon closely matched to the company pantone colours, adhering each ball to be as consistent as possible within the brand guidelines.

For this project we used our Baseball Stress Item (MP13281).

A5 Medium Barkby Notebook

Completed: 01.06.21

All elements of this full colour digitally printed Barkby Notebook give the design a wonderful balance across the cover. The use of breathing space across each design break helps the eye focus from the centre, top then back down towards the bottom to really hit home the brand message. What’s more is that the glowing white cover and cyan blue details enabled us to create a stunning level of brand cohesion across the piece.

For this project we used our A5 Medium Barkby Notebook (MP20874).