Work Journal:
August, 2021

A5 Medium Barkby Notebook

Completed: 31.08.21

The relationship between all elements takes this notebook set we produced for Lintbells to the next level. On this occasion we we asked to provide a pen which we were able to produce Pantone matched to the notebooks orange elastic enclosure, and with their logo printed in full colour to the centre of the vibrant white base.

For this project we used our A5 Medium Barkby Notebook (MP20874).

Universal Full Colour Mug

Completed: 28.08.21

Design, design, design! It's just what our friends at Catalyst know and that's no different to the full colour digitally printed wrap that is seen with this Universal Mug. The white base was a no-brainer which allowed each 'C' element pop whilst the blue lid is of a similar nature to their own brand blues - a combination that makes the mugs truly Catalyst's!

For this project we used our Universal Full Colour Mug (MP20695).

Durham ChalkMug

Completed: 23.08.21

Segment have done a cracking job with this ChalkMug! Supplied individually with their own piece of chalk the mugs already start with a truly unique talking point which is furthered with the delicate print of Segments mid green logo. The mugs have cool touch, which combined with the print and matt base creates one of trendiest mugs that will be seen in any kitchen cupboard!

For this project we used our Durham ChalkMug (MP14918).

Postcard A6

Completed: 20.08.21

Made from a sturdy 330-350gsm card and finished with a shimmery gloss lamination to the front these postcards we produced for our friends at HSBC are stunningly unique! The full colour process to the front enabled us to print their detailed design sharply whilst the back of each postcard was left with lines and a stamp mark to give the HSBC team the flexibility to add a bespoke message too.

For this project we used our Postcard A6 (MP13732).

Seed Sticks

Completed: 16.08.21

Simple yet bold these Seed Stick packs where flood printed using Homes for Lambeth's deep blue Pantone colour for pure brand cohesion. The square nature of the packs works in uniform with their squared off logo giving all elements of branding and the products itself a distinctive and well-rounded overall aesthetic.

For this project we used our Seed Sticks (MP17645).

Melamine Coaster

Completed: 11.08.21

We love the joyous designs that we see when Arag approach us for a job and this coaster fills that bill to a tee! Digitally printed in full colour using their traditional bright yellow to the matt finished face, the composition of the design draws the eye to the central focal point with that being their logo - creating furthered exposure. Great work Arag!

For this project we used our Melamine Coaster (MP13911).

Cocktail Umbrellas

Completed: 09.08.21

If you follow us on social media you'd have seen one of these nifty Cocktail Umbrellas in a refreshing glass of G&T in the baking Leicestershire sun and now they are back to brighten up our Work Journal too (pun intended)! With the help of our dedicated studio team Salford Van Hire immediately chose this rimmed finish, full colour option which allowed their logo to bounce against the delicate white base.

For this project we used our Cocktail Umbrellas (MP18439).

Bespoke Knitted Socks

Completed: 02.08.21

Our studio was chuffed to bits when we received this sample of socks we produced! We started the process by creating some inspirational visuals, with our client simply adoring the repeat pattern the artwork team came up with using their brand guideline resources. The harmony between each shape partnered with black base and white ends creates a truly modern and desirable piece of bespoke looking merch.

For this project we used our Bespoke Knitted Socks (MP20311).