Work Journal:
January, 2022

Apollo Neoprene Laptop Sleeve

Completed: 31.01.22

Another from a HSBC project we love how sophisticated these laptop sleeves look! Made from a high quality neoprene material their jet-black nature gives the centralised artwork a gorgeous layer than bounces off its counterpart.

For this project we used our Apollo Neoprene Laptop Sleeve (MP17620).

Double Sided Recycled Coaster

Completed: 26.01.22

Our eco range is booming thanks to the focus and our on direction of protecting mother earth, so these recycled coasters we produced ticked all of our boxes! With the artwork printed on one side for gorgeous contract against the deep black base, we where also able to print an eco related message to the reverse to lament this little beauties core selling points.

For this project we used our Double Sided Recycled Coaster (MP22258).

A6 Postcard

Completed: 18.01.22

As part of their Mailed Merch campaign HSBC asked us to produce these full colour postcards with a message on the back, and oh boy they've come out a treat! Their font cover design came crisp, whilst our studio helped out with the reverse font which was in a script style to make the message more authentic and personal to the recipient.

For this project we used our A6 Postcard (MP22021).

A6 Sticker Sheet

Completed: 14.01.22

This is a great example of how something so basic in principle but executed to higher standards. It's all about design here which was only achieved due to the full colour nature of the digital print. Our favourite feature is the gradient which blends in gradually on the stickers which contain it.

For this project we used our A6 Sticker Sheet (MP13773).

A5 Medium Croft Notebook

Completed: 10.01.22

This Croft Notebook we produced for HSBC is a perfect example of why this product is one of our staples. Embossed to the centre for a premium and high quality finish the notebooks have an exquisite soft feel that propels them above alternatives.

For this project we used our A5 Medium Croft Notebook (MP19302).

Full Colour Insulated Bottle

Completed: 04.01.22

Vibrant with a delicate shine, these white bottles we produced are simple yet so sophisticated. On this occasion we printed the design running up the bottle to extend the size of the logo when held to one side which holds furthered levels of brand exposure and a harmony due to the darker nature of the brand colours.

For this project we used our Full Colour Insulated Bottle (MP22508).