Work Journal:
March, 2022

6 Piece Chewing Gum Card

Completed: 30.03.22

Who thought something so simple would look so good! The simple white background gives the bold artwork a dominant focal point, which is perfect for a product that is small in size.

For this project we used our 6 Piece Chewing Gum Card (MP20282).

ColourCoat Thermal Bottle

Completed: 22.03.22

This set of complimentary thermal mugs gives the branding a fun yet powerful outlook. The matt finish allows these young looking colours to absorb the light around them to give them a further layer of vibrancy. Simply stunning!

For this project we used our ColourCoat Thermal Bottle (MP21252).

25cm Bambury Graduation Bear

Completed: 17.03.22

How cute is this miniature version of our Graduation Bear! This little fluff ball is plush to touch with the natural fur and deep black robes & hat contrasting gorgeously t give it a premium looking finish.

For this project we used our 25cm Bambury Graduation Bear (MP19542).

Die Cast Model Car

Completed: 09.03.22

This 12cm replica of an Aston Martin DB5 we produced for DHL is so slick! The monotone elements give it a real high class touch of sophistication whilst the black branding on the doors gives it a touch of elegance.

For this project we used our Die Cast Model Car (MP10574).

Bespoke Bobble Hat

Completed: 02.03.22

We love a fully bespoke product here at Mojo and these Bobble Hats fit that description to a tee! The nature of this meant we were able to Pantone match the brand green whilst the Jacquard Woven branding method gave the artwork a rustic edge.

For this project we used our Bespoke Bobble Hat (MP22494).