Work Journal:
August, 2023

Karst A6 Pocket Journal

Completed: 31.08.23

When we launched the Karst range on the website we just knew we have to get involved with these quirky notebooks! Alike the Cahiers we chose to print our logo to a large are running down the notebooks so that it would always appear even with the sleeve on, and when they come off our striking magenta instantly pounces off the natural base for furthered brand exposure.

For this project we used our Karst A6 Pocket Journal (MP23407).

Eco Mini Power Bank

Completed: 30.08.23

This larger edition of the Eco Mini has an elongated frame which helps gives the artwork on this job a larger sense of a focal point. Digitally printed for a crisp feel the white elements show through to give the feeling that these were made with the Tigers' logo from day dot!

For this project we used our Eco Mini Power Bank (MP23136).

Refuel Insulated Bottle

Completed: 28.08.23

The premium finish of the laser engraving adds so much to the quality of this product when held in your hands. Solid work all round.

For this project we used our Refuel Insulated Bottle (MP23229).

Instow Wireless Charging Pad

Completed: 27.08.23

There's nothing like a bit of tech to wow a client, and this charging pad hits the nail on the head! The relationship between the mono-tone colours really gives it a more sophisticated edge that will make anyone want to get their hands on them!

For this project we used our Instow Wireless Charging Pad (MP22740).

11oz ColourCoat Enamel Mug

Completed: 26.08.23

Elegant is the word with this enamel mug we produced for Morgan Motor. The process involved Pantone matching the outer frame, with their logo then screen printed to the back and front in their traditional grey to give the whole composition bundles of sophistication yet simplicity.

For this project we used our 11oz ColourCoat Enamel Mug (MP20407).

Recycled Finger Grip Bottle 500ml

Completed: 25.08.23

What we just love about these bottles is how the eye is almost tricked into believing both blue print and lid are the same! These elements make the bottle so much more bespoke, whilst they really stand out against the frosted base.

For this project we used our Recycled Finger Grip Bottle 500ml (MP22047).

Beechfield Low Profile Heavy Cotton Cap

Completed: 24.08.23

This is what embroidery is all about. Alike most high-end retail brands the longevity the method gives is real perk, whilst the feel and finish gives almost every brand another dimension. The contrast between both glowing white and matte black also gives the icon bundles of exposure, all whilst looking band on trend!

For this project we used our BEECHFIELD Low Profile Heavy Cotton Cap (MP20377).

Selfie Ring Light

Completed: 23.08.23

This selfie ring light ticks all of our boxes! The branding was digitally printed to the front panel which bounces off it's white counterpart, whilst the whole composition changes when the light is turned on to give it a new outlook and centralise the logo further, meaning more brand exposure when in use.

For this project we used our Selfie Ring Light (MP22827).

Recycled T-Shirts and Bottles Tote Bag

Completed: 22.08.23

White is always a bold move on a product but it has paid off here with the pantone matched design to both sides really standing out! Maximum coverage for maximum impact, great job!

For this project we used our Recycled T-Shirts & Bottles Tote Bag (MP21922).

Green & Good Litani Bottle pen

Completed: 21.08.23

The screen printed white gives a clean and clear finish to the logo against the glossy finish of the pens whilst the clear nature of the pen gives that extra depth to them being able to see the mechanics inside. It goes to show what a variety of colours does to an otherwise simple product! They have become a collection and far more desirable, great job The Cairngorm Reindeer Centre!

For this project we used our Green & Good Litani Bottle Pen (MP21419).

Medium Matt Laminated Bag

Completed: 20.08.23

Bold and bright this bag certainly isn't dulled down by the matt finish, if anything it makes the design even more understated. Going big with design makes it unmissable and will sure grab attention and recognition.

For this project we used our Medium Matt Laminated Bag (MP13518).

Chocolate Salted Caramels Truffles

Completed: 18.08.23

The relationship between the branding, clear packaging and the base / chocolates are what it's all about when it comes to this tasty set! The crisp white outline on the logo helps give it clarity and a base to stand from, giving it more dominance and exposure.

For this project we used our Chocolate Salted Caramels Truffles (MP22308).

Stress Football

Completed: 17.08.23

Wow does that orange really bounce from the glowing white base of the football, which helps it really drawing wandering eyes in and makes the brand the focal point.

For this project we used our Stress Football (MP16969).

Nimrod Soft Feel Ballpen

Completed: 15.08.23

Colour and touch are the key aspects of these pens. The soft feeling ballpen reacts stunningly with the chrome detail and the sterner digitally printed logo which has a playful feel against the royal blue base of the pen.

For this project we used our Nimrod Soft Feel Ballpen (MP21706).

BIC Media Clic Ballpen

Completed: 15.08.23

Choosing a white barrel on this pen sure makes the most of the full colour digital print not losing any of the striking features of the logo. The bright orange clip really ties in with the logo all seamlessly working together. This pen has been perfectly picked out to pair with this wire bound pad which comes separately to the pen.

For this project we used our BIC Media Clic Ballpen (MP10657).