Work Journal:
September, 2023

Bespoke Knitted Socks

Completed: 29.09.23

This simple but smart design is easy on the eye whilst being soft to the touch make these feel retail quality. To further emphasise that they have a matching band to hold them together and for a gifty aesthetic.

For this project we used our Bespoke Knitted Socks (MP20311).

Quadra Pitch Black 24 Hour Backpack

Completed: 28.09.23

The nature of the midnight black material on these bags ensures that the branding really pops, which is what they are all about! This is a really good example of how embroidery gives a logo a premium finish, whilst giving them a longer life too!

For this project we used our Quadra Pitch Black 24 Hour Backpack (MP23263).

Beechfield Original Cuffed Beanie

Completed: 27.09.23

Candy Kittens have simply smashed it with their colour choices here! For a premium finish we went with embroidery in white to the cuff, but the selection of the light teal is what does it for us which gives a soft relationship with the white branding, giving a subtle and retail quality finish.

For this project we used our Beechfield Original Cuffed Beanie (MP19345).

20mm Dye Sublimation Lanyard

Completed: 26.09.23

Smart and fit for any bustling office, the space black base of the lanyard really gives the repeating logo a huge level of exposure. The full colour gradient in the icon really pleased the team, especially with how fine the detail came out!

For this project we used our 20mm Dye Sublimation Lanyard (MP15027).

After Party Hangover Kit

Completed: 25.09.23

The University of Leicester comes to the rescue! Student's will be relieved to see this set the morning after 3 or 4 (possibly more) of a night out. The set has a real bespoke feel to it, with the range of branded products expanding the exposure potential. The star of the show though has to be the rustic kraft tube which gives the wrapped label a homely feel.

For this project we used our After Party Hangover Kit (MP23098).

Senator Nature Plus

Completed: 23.09.23

One of our favourite pens about, HSBC have lamented why! With an eco strap-line to the back of these deep black pens, they went with a simple 2 colour print to the front which really draws the eye in. Simple but oh so effective!

For this project we used our Senator Nature Plus (MP16018).

Dimple Base Whisky Tumbler

Completed: 22.09.23

A seemingly simple Tumbler has taken on new heights to become a desirable piece of memorabilia, all because of the engraved logo. We just love how effortless the quality of them are and we are sure these will fly out of Welford Road!

For this project we used our Dimple Base Whisky Tumbler (MP17021).

Webcam Cover

Completed: 20.09.23

Blimey these little webcam covers look so playful! Our dedicated studio team put together the nifty repeat pattern to the back whilst a delicate watermark to the front - two modern design elements that will really get a crowd going!

For this project we used our Webcam Cover (MP19328).

Universal Full Colour Mug

Completed: 17.09.23

Here we have a couple of different travel mugs we produced for Specsavers' with both evidently on brand! On both mugs they opted for a dark green lid for close brand association, with the wrap around print of the mugs digitally printed in full colour for huge brand cohesion!

For this project we used our Universal Full Colour Mug (MP20695).

Fare AOC Mini Umbrella

Completed: 16.09.23

There is no way this umbrella will go amiss in bustling public spaces! The vibrant pink ties in with the brand colours elegantly whilst the white screen printed logo bounces off of its counterpart for bundles of exposure.

For this project we used our Fare AOC Mini Umbrella (MP15899).

Canned Energy Drink

Completed: 15.09.23

Sometimes we come across a product and are simply staggered at the possibilities available. This seamlessly simple can of energy drink has been take to new heights with the full colour wrap around print with the design tied in further with the silvery shine of the bottom and top of the can.

For this project we used our Canned Energy Drink (MP13861).

Full Colour Printed Socks

Completed: 14.09.23

This pair of our Bespoke Printed Socks makes the most of some vibrant colours against the pure white base of the socks. The repeating pattern sure makes them feel retail quality and ensuring they will be kept for years to come. Lovely stuff!

For this project we used our Full Colour Printed Socks (MP23191).

Sweets in Eco Gift Bag

Completed: 12.09.23

This clear bag really bursts with colour! The skittle variety draws the eye in an instant, with the digitally printed label and closely matched stock ribbon helping to draw the eye away from these base colours and give the HX logo a clean and dominant looking outlook.

For this project we used our Sweets in Gift Bag (MP20887).

Express Earphones

Completed: 11.09.23

What makes these earphones really standout is the use of the white space on the face of the branding area. The space gives the porduct breathing space whilst helps the design hold its own. Really nice work Krispy Kreme!

For this project we used our Express Earphones (MP19573).

Border Biscuits Treat Pack

Completed: 10.09.23

Here's a simple yet effective way to add branding on a retail product. The forest green sleeve plus branding was placed over the Border Biscuits ensuring the famous brand remained at the forefront whilst remaining a customisable piece of merch.

For this project we used our Borders Biscuit Treat Pack (MP23344).