Work Journal:
October, 2023

A6 Small Croft Notebook

Completed: 30.10.23

These A6 notebooks make be small but boy have HX made sure they are mighty! Opting for the royal blue to tie-in with their dominant brand colour they opted for their icon screen printed in white, with the blue showing through to reduce cost and make them look even more on brand!

For this project we used our A6 Small Croft Notebook (MP18086).

Chilly's Bottle

Completed: 29.10.23

We've put these beauties together to give you a flavour of what our custom Chlily's Bottles are all about. With a range of colour choices each is provided in a retail quality Chilly's tube, with the icon engraved to the opposite side of the artwork such as the Canal & River Trust edition here, which they decided to run up the bottle to make maximum use of the branding area.

For this project we used our Chilly's Bottle (MP21131).

Chilly's Coffee Cup: Series II

Completed: 27.10.23

With the engraving based to the opposite of the Chilly's logo on the reverse, these Chilly's coffee cups wouldn't be out of place in any retail setting. The matte green gives the super detailed branding a gorgeous level of hierarchy whilst remaining well fitted to the cups themselves.

For this project we used our Chilly's Coffee Cup: Series II (MP22743).

A6 Postcard

Completed: 26.10.23

HSBC are back with another order for some A6 Postcards, and they just get better and better! As per their last few orders they opted for a message one side with a full colour crisp and edited photo to the glossed side for a more premium outlook.

For this project we used our A6 Postcard (MP22021).

Sandfield Mug

Completed: 21.10.23

The University of Leicester opted for a black base mug the a 2 colour print so mix their mug options whilst keeping all of their brand colour tied up! The shimmer of the black gives it a real elegance, whilst the distinctive red & white branding gives it stunning definition.

For this project we used our Sandfield Mug (MP13985).

Bum/Belt Bag

Completed: 15.10.23

This Bum Bag is a prime example of how branding can elevate a product. The premium vibrant white embroidery fits right at home on the deep black fabric, with the icon showing through for next level personalisation.

For this project we used our Bum/Belt Bag (MP22324).

Screen Cloth Mousemat

Completed: 13.10.23

This soft mouse mat is so engaging! The mats on this occasion were dye sublimated in full colour, making the most of the generous print area. We were so please with the quality of the print and they are bound to brighten up any desk!

For this project we used our Screen Cloth Mousemat (MP16229).

Hot Chocolate & Marshmallow Info Card

Completed: 12.10.23

Coor' blimey! What a striking promo piece! Our studio popped together this nifty little design using the brand guidelines which gives it superior hierarchy compared to the rest of the product!

For this project we used our Hot Chocolate & Marshmallow Info Card (MP22475).

Real Wood Column Award

Completed: 07.10.23

This sample we produced for the UoL was so good that they went to order! Using our Account Manager Tom as an example name we engraved 2 sides of the wood column which came out with a gorgeous dark-burnt effect with stunning level of detail which is even more evident when analysing the crest.

For this project we used our Real Wood Column Award (MP21405).

Small Paint Tin with Jelly Beans

Completed: 05.10.23

This design flows really well with a subtle swoosh taking your eye right around the wrap on the tin and taking you right back to the brands logo. We really like the glossy finish this tin has as the reflection adds a another level of depth to the piece.

For this project we used our Small Paint Tin with Jelly Beans (MP19317).

Luxury Chocolate Truffles

Completed: 02.10.23

With a clear lid to show all the chocolates this is a piece of merch that's band to not stick around for too long! The tasty truffles are enclosed in a bespoke green base box and a wrapping card, making them more personal and on brand.

For this project we used our Luxury Chocolate Truffles (MP23090).

Memo Board

Completed: 01.10.23

Who ever thought a white board could look so good! The University of Leicester have done it again, with their bar logo showing through for huge impact and the details aligned to the opposing corner at the bottom. They even chose to pop a student character bleeding of the page to make product even more them.

For this project we used our Memo Board (MP13257).