Work Journal:
January, 2024

20mm Dye Sublimation Lanyard

Completed: 30.01.24

Sometimes we get a job that surpasses expectation, just as on this one! The dye sublimated branding method helps the teal just steal the show, especially with the shimmer that is subtle yet so elegant. The artwork was then repeated by the Studio team across the length for maximum impact.

For this project we used our 20mm Dye Sublimation Lanyard (MP15027).

Mini Seedball Matchbox

Completed: 26.01.24

A canny way to tie in a brand message, we love the harmony and retail feeling these boxes have! Our Studio helped placing the elements and coming up with the leaf icon, whilst Specsavers carefully considering the font & colour choices which really pop against the natural, rustic boxes.

For this project we used our Mini Seedball Matchbox (MP23449).

UK Recycled Notebook

Completed: 25.01.24

Monotone elements gives this notebook job we produced a highly polished look. The inner white page and rim sandwiched between the dark, black outer gives the product a stunning amount of layers when the logo comes into play.

For this project we used our UK Recycled Notebook (MP22767).

Ocean Bottle 500ml

Completed: 22.01.24

These Ocean bottles we produced for the Trust in the latter part of 2023 are simply stunning! Their matt finish and robust feel makes them a commuters must have, with the laser engraving delightfully standing out against the deep blue colour which cannily ties into one of their brand colours to boot.

For this project we used our Ocean Bottle 500ml (MP23035).

Ocean Bottle Brew

Completed: 19.01.24

Oooooft! That's exactly how the mojo team all reacted in harmony when these beauties cam into our office! The gift quality is so obvious here, with the premium feel of the bottles and the deluxe laser engraving simply shimmering and vibrantly bouncing off its dark black base.

For this project we used our Ocean Bottle Brew (MP23292).

Trucker Mesh Cap

Completed: 18.01.24

This sample we received of the bespoke edition of the Trucker Cap is a perfect example of what is achievable in a bulk order. Though this was speculative for our friends over at Krispy Kreme, we were able to tie in their branding colours across all segments of the cap which was topped off with the stunning embroidery to the front.

For this project we used our Trucker Mesh Cap (MP16774).

Beechfield Apres Beanie

Completed: 15.01.24

You'd almost think that these are fully bespoke! On this job we embroidered the icon to the cuff in grey for really elegance which ties in to the upper contrast grey and pom. These beanies are so soft and snug which furthers the premium nature of the branding method.

For this project we used our Beechfield Apres Beanie (MP23421).

A5 Wiro Bound Jotter

Completed: 14.01.24

With the logo reversed on this occasion, we love the way the green cover helps bring in the eye with towards the one colour logo which was printed with the type to show through.

For this project we used our A5 Wiro Bound Jotter (MP22002).

UK Dye Sublimation Lanyards

Completed: 13.01.24

The full coverage really stands out with this design as it flows up and down the lanyard making sure it really stands out from the crowd.

For this project we used our UK Dye Sublimation Lanyards (MP16917).

Double Walled Mailing Box

Completed: 10.01.24

Here we have an example of one of the mojo branded boxes which we use to send out your samples! We printed our logo in white to the top to keep them on brand whilst giving them a more natural & accomplished finish.

For this project we used our Double Walled Mailing Box (MP22354).

Cotton Bag

Completed: 08.01.24

Pantone matched with a quality finish this bag won't go unnoticed, especially with the most made from the large branding area on offer with the cyan blue really popping off of it's natural counterpart.

For this project we used our Cotton Bag (MP10526).

Printed Aluminium Clutch Pin Badges

Completed: 08.01.24

Super clean and bang on brand, these badges do exactly what they say on the tin. Specsaver's opted on their famous green logo with the white to show though, allowing the design to look even more bespoke. What makes these next level is how the base is cut arround the outline of the glasses, with the dome resin finish tying everything off.

For this project we used our Printed Aluminium Clutch Pin Badges (MP15947).

RPET RFID AirTag Wallet

Completed: 07.01.24

Here is another really good example of how we can produce individual names across our range. For this job we produced for HSBC we placed their logo to the bottom with each recipients initials at the top. Our experience is that makes the item feel more personal and gift like, which was exactly the purpose on this occasion.

For this project we used our RPET RFID AirTag Wallet (MP23325).

A5 Seeded Paper Flyer

Completed: 04.01.24

As part of a Mailed Merch Campaign these seeded flyers we produced for Specsavers are just full of life! The vibrancy of the design gives the flyers real impact, with the integrated seeds enhancing the design by giving it a touch of green goodness.

For this project we used our A5 Seeded Paper Flyer (MP22674).

Pesaro Ballpen

Completed: 03.01.24

Now this is how it's done! The UoL opted for a black box and pen once more, with their updated bar logo to printed to both elements. This technique really makes the pens feel more bespoke & on brand, all whilst ensuring that each element won't be disposed of in a hurry.

For this project we used our Pesaro Ballpen (MP19388).