Work Journal:
March, 2024

Universal Travel Mug

Completed: 30.03.24

Now this is what we call considered design! Using a white lid to tie-in with the white print, the logo was printed to the front with a smart strap line to the reverse to really show off the sustainable qualities that come with our popular Universal Mugs.

For this project we used our Universal Travel Mug (MP19810).

Hot Chocolate Destress Box

Completed: 29.03.24

Having added this to the range during the early months of 2024 we decided to get a sample produced to show off what's possible! We printed this free to use design made by our Studio right around the box, with the ingredients to the back. Get in touch to see your logo on our template today!

For this project we used our Hot Chocolate Destress Box (MP23571).

Prodir DS8 True Biotic Pen

Completed: 28.03.24

HX used 2 branding positions on these Prodirs, and though more expensive we feel it's fully justified! Using the icon to the clip ties the entire piece a stunning retail feel, with the full logo to the barrel ensuring that the brand can be looked at in a search engine. Both were printed using a Pantone match light blue print, with the contrast between the darker, matte blue base just wonderful!

For this project we used our Prodir DS8 True Biotic Pen (MP22842).

Bespoke Knitted Socks

Completed: 18.03.24

It's quite obvious and not hard to see why we just love this product! HX decided on this occasion to mix things up by going with their brand oranges as the dominant colour, with their icon knitted into the upper ankle and logo type to the sole of the foot. The way the knit is achieved gives each visual element as rugged, nostalgic feel that results in a real premium overall aesthetic.

For this project we used our Bespoke Knitted Socks (MP20311).

Printed Aluminium Clutch Pin Badge

Completed: 12.03.24

The dome resin finish is what it's all about with these badges! We first printed their branding onto a sticker, which was popped onto a rounded badge then resin was applied to each face, meaning that they remained sealed for a longer life and giving them a shimmery, higher end quality.

For this project we used our Printed Aluminium Clutch Pin Badges (MP15947).

Tutti Frutti Bottle with Infuser

Completed: 04.03.24

Red is the name of the game with these bottles! Both branding and top and bottom elements work in harmony, with the clear nature of the bottle giving way. The logo itself was taken out to show through making the bottles even more bespoke and feel seamless.

For this project we used our Tutti Frutti Bottle with Infuser (MP18289).

A5 Medium Croft Notebook

Completed: 02.03.24

The Uni of Leicester know how to get their logo printed in style thats for sure! On this job they opted for a range of pastel colours which popped, with their logo embossed towards the bottom for a retail looking finish.

For this project we used our A5 Medium Croft Notebook (MP19302).

Durham Ring Mug

Completed: 01.03.24

Morgan Motor once again stole the show when we received this copy of the Durham Ring Mug! The ring and logo to both sides were closely matched to their desired colours, giving the whole composition a real bespoke quality.

For this project we used our Durham Ring Mug (MP20386).