Work Journal:

Mint Cards

Completed: 27.01.17

A combination of product name and company name creates the "Mimemints"! It's nice to see a company daring to have fun with merchandise taking ownership of the product. 

For this project we used our Mint Cards (MP15043).

Handbag Hook MP16324

Completed: 25.01.17

We love the way one element of the logo has been utilised to match the shape of the product. A fantastic, fun end result!

For this project we used our Handbag Hook (MP16324).

Bespoke Medal and Ribbon

Completed: 24.01.17

One of our favourite products of the year so far! The die stamped medal was finished in antique gilt and attached to a soft feel, dye sublimated full colour lanyard. The end result is a premium, bespoke momento for the marathon runners to take home.

For this project we used our Full Colour Medal (MP15756).

Budget Protein Shaker

Completed: 18.01.17

Our Budget Protein Shaker is awesome for showing off this cool, well designed logo. The two colour screen print helps to catch the eye of everyone who passes by! 

For this project we used our Budget Protein Shaker (MP16711).

Playing Cards

Completed: 20.12.16

A truly bespoke design, our client required an individual image to the face of each card, with the logo running along the back of each card. The end result is an intriguing pack of cards that offers humour to the user whilst reinforcing the brand. A job well done!

For this project we used our Playing Cards (MP10050).

Senator Hattrix Soft

Completed: 15.12.16

Everything looks right about this logo and pen combination, the grey print ties in perfectly with the trim and the logo size is just right. Also a pat on the back to our production team for registering the 3 spot colour print so accurately.

For this project we used our Senator Hattrix Soft (MP16022).

Stress Heart

Completed: 04.12.16

A brilliant campaign for highlighting a worthy message, the heart stress toy, with its clear white print, is hard to miss and demands a squeeze!

For this project we used our Stress Heart (MP16971).

Prodir DS3.1 Ballpen

Completed: 03.12.16

We love the shape of this pen, the swiss quality shines through. Here a black print contrasts strongly to the clean white finish, giving a strong promotional impact.

For this project we used our Prodir DS3.1 Ballpen (MP15550).

Magnetic Folding Bookmark

Completed: 30.11.16

A full colour print and high gloss finish, ensure this bookmark stands out. Our customers design utilised all 4 print areas of the product and looked great.

For this project we used our Magnetic Folding Bookmark (MP10025).

38mm Button Badge

Completed: 25.11.16

What a design... the vibrant green & black print looks truly "mutanty" & is complimented with the laminate finish. Produced on our 38mm button badge with a safety pin fitting.

For this project we used our 38mm Button Badge (MP13814).

Melamine Coaster

Completed: 10.11.16

A heat-proof coaster with a fantastic full colour design. The geometries and vibrant colours definitely add fun to any desk this coaster inhabits.

For this project we used our Melamine Coaster (MP13911).

Clear Acrylic Re-usable Name Badges

Completed: 07.11.16

It's hard not to be impressed by the professional image this badge design portrays. We love the green trim co-ordinated with the logo, not only this but the reusable name slot adds greater longevity to the product.

For this project we used our Clear Acrylic Re-usable Name Badges (MP13105).

Heritage Paper Bag

Completed: 31.10.16

A effective purple screen print to stand out on our white Heritage Paper Bag to make that purple really pop. A sturdy paper bag with an awesome print! 

For this project we used our Heritage Paper Bag (MP19285).

Rock Sticks

Completed: 10.10.16

Completely bespoke rock sticks that look amazing! Fantastic pantone matched twists of colour to the outer, along with a full colour insert label, topped off with bespoke lettering to the inside of the rock itself. The end result is a truly unique gift which not only looks impressive but also provides the good will factor of receiving a tasty treat. 

For this project we used our Rock Sticks (MP10558).

Jersey Snapback Cap

Completed: 07.10.16

Embroidered in full colour to 2 positions on this fashionable Snapback. A retail quality garment using the grey colour to tie the outfit together with the Bella and Canvas 3/4 Sleeve Baseball T-Shirt.

For this project we used our Jersey Snapback Cap (MP19520).