Work Journal:

Paris Procelain Mug

Completed: 30.03.17

A really great looking mug and design, with a subtle silver screen print. No more scraping the desk with it's lovely soft blue bottom!

For this project we used our Paris Porcelain Mug (MP17553).

Alexander A5 Hardback Notebook

Completed: 24.03.17

A deep embossed logo on the front with 11 individually personalised insert pages throughout. A beautiful design by Toffee Hammer Productions/ Janssen Academy. 

For this project we used our Alexander A5 Hardback Notebook (MP15897).

6 inch / 150mm Architects Scale Rule

Completed: 17.03.17

The central placement of the logo with a website either side making a straightforward design that optimises branding area. This shows how simple artwork can be utilised for such a useful product. 

For this project we used our 6 inch / 150mm Architects Scale Rule (MP13836).

Durham Dye Sublimation Mug

Completed: 10.03.17

This Durham Dye Sublimation Mug makes brilliant use of the full outer wrap to maximise branding potential. A fun message on the sides with all of their contact details in the middle, a truly optimal use of space!

For this project we used our Durham Dye Sublimation Mug (MP15908).

Screen Wipe

Completed: 03.03.17

A vibrant full colour print to the backing card and full colour logo to the screen wipe truly brings this product to life. A great use of colour to catch, and keep, the attention of everyone. 

For this project we used our Screen Wipe (MP15686).

Americano Mug

Completed: 24.02.17

Branded with a heat transfer litho print for a high definition picture quality to the mug and a 1 colour screen print to the band. If the wonderful artwork isn't enough to sway you, it's also double walled for those all-nighter library trips! 

For this project we used our Americano Mug (MP15262).

Contour Digital Ballpen

Completed: 17.02.17

A full colour, digitally printed pen with awesome value. The alternative trim colours help to reinforce the branding and match the A5 Pads, making a perfect set.  

For this project we used our Contour Digital Ballpen (MP16999).

A5 Pad

Completed: 17.02.17

A subtle, minimalist design litho printed in full colour against the white background. Leaving plenty of space for creativity and note taking! 

For this project we used our A5 Pad (MP10256).

Recycled A5 Wiro Bound Pad

Completed: 06.02.17

Our customer was looking for a smart, bespoke notebook to promote their brand, the Recycled A5 Wiro Bound Pad fit the bill perfectly. Their design was printed not only to the cover but also to each page throughout the pad. The final touch was black wiro binding to the left edge tying in perfectly with the artwork, the end result looks fantastic. 

For this project we used our A5 Wiro Bound Pad (MP10169).

Mint Cards

Completed: 27.01.17

A combination of product name and company name creates the "Mimemints"! It's nice to see a company daring to have fun with merchandise taking ownership of the product. 

For this project we used our Mint Cards (MP15043).

Handbag Hook MP16324

Completed: 25.01.17

We love the way one element of the logo has been utilised to match the shape of the product. A fantastic, fun end result!

For this project we used our Handbag Hook (MP16324).

Bespoke Medal and Ribbon

Completed: 24.01.17

One of our favourite products of the year so far! The die stamped medal was finished in antique gilt and attached to a soft feel, dye sublimated full colour lanyard. The end result is a premium, bespoke momento for the marathon runners to take home.

For this project we used our Full Colour Medal (MP15756).

Budget Protein Shaker

Completed: 18.01.17

Our Budget Protein Shaker is awesome for showing off this cool, well designed logo. The two colour screen print helps to catch the eye of everyone who passes by! 

For this project we used our Budget Protein Shaker (MP16711).

Playing Cards

Completed: 20.12.16

A truly bespoke design, our client required an individual image to the face of each card, with the logo running along the back of each card. The end result is an intriguing pack of cards that offers humour to the user whilst reinforcing the brand. A job well done!

For this project we used our Playing Cards (MP10050).

Senator Hattrix Soft

Completed: 15.12.16

Everything looks right about this logo and pen combination, the grey print ties in perfectly with the trim and the logo size is just right. Also a pat on the back to our production team for registering the 3 spot colour print so accurately.

For this project we used our Senator Hattrix Soft (MP16022).