Work Journal:

Metal Keyring

Completed: 29.08.19

One of out favourite pieces this year, this bespoke Metal Keyring for Home Group is so sumptuous. Die stamped and laser engraved to both sides the artwork here is so detailed and fine. Light bounces of the silver nickel plating which makes the design engaging and gives it a polished finish. 

For this project we used our Cut Out Keyring (MP11516).

Tutti Frutti Bottle with Infuser

Completed: 16.08.19

Dorchester Collections made the most of the healthy branding area on this bottle with a luxurious gold finish. The distinction of the gold and the clear body gives the artwork real elevation making it look accomplished and chic. Everyone will want their hands on one of these this summer, beautifully done Dorchester Collections! 

For this project we used our Tutti Frutti Bottle with Infuser (MP18289).

Hexagonal Pencil

Completed: 10.08.19

Entirely bespoke, we used our Hexagonal Pencil and moulded it into this chic triangular shape on behalf of Creative Triangle. The mono green of the pencil helps propel the root black branding which looks so sophisticated. A really well considered project that we are proud to have been a part of, cheers to the team at Creative Triangle.

For this project we used our Hexagonal Pencil (MP16516).

18cm Baxby Bear

Completed: 05.08.19

Cuddly, soft and absolutely adorable! Appdynamics had their branding delicately digitally printed to the jumper on this little fellow and it has come up wonderfully. Keeping in line with their branding colours we used a crisp white on deep black which we think makes this little bear look rather snazzy!

For this project we used our 18cm Baxby Bear (MP20429).

Light Up Plug and Travel Adaptor

Completed: 23.07.19

When we were approached by Radware to execute this project the office went into an ecstatic meltdown. The logo was crisply engraved to the top of the adaptor which also lights giving it a unique second dimension. Sometimes less is more and when we see whites and blacks combined to create projects like this we couldn't be more satisfied.  

For this project we used our Light Up Plug and Travel Adaptor (MP20365).

Full Colour VR Glasses

Completed: 14.07.19

Appdynamics have partnered up with us once again to create these slick VR Glasses. The design was printed digitally when flat so they could be 100% covered with the artwork. The colours are simple but combined with the sharp shapes they look sleek and help propel these glasses to a whole new level.

For this project we used our Full Colour VR Glasses (MP20381).

A6 Pad

Completed: 09.07.19

Wow! Creative Triangle have truly lived up to their name with this beautifully designed A6 Pad. Litho Printed, their artwork contrasts elegantly with the hierarchy of colours giving real balance to the design. The print has come out so well and the texture of the paper gives it a real cutting edge. Nice work Creative Triangle.

For this project we used our A6 Pad (MP10257).

Tacx Shiva Sugar Cane Bottle

Completed: 03.07.19

Specsavers have done such a good job here! The artwork supplied has been screen printed to the front of the bottle, with their logo to the back and we just can't stop looking at it. The vibrancy between those core colours bouncing of one another is mesmerising and the contrast between them and the white bottle is jaw dropping.

For this project we used our Tacx Shiva Sugar Cane Bottle (MP21085).

Milan Business Card Holder

Completed: 28.06.19

Debossing is one of our favourite branding techniques and York Business School's branding on these card holders is easy to see why. The branding has a muted finish which works perfectly with the rooted grey. 

For this project we used our Milan Business Card Holder (MP20073).

"COLOURS" Bib Apron

Completed: 22.06.19

The white embroidery on this apron is clean and crisp which goes stunningly well of this black apron. The Krispy Kreme branding placed towards the top of the apron stands out effortlessly. Good luck with the baking Kripsy Kreme!

For this project we used our "COLOURS" Bib Apron (MP14884).

Neoprene Wine Cooler

Completed: 10.06.19

This is wonderful. Partington's have had their branding printed to the front of this premium wine cooler. The contrast of the white print on the smooth neoprene is just dazzling. Enjoy the celebrations!

For this project we used our Neoprene Wine Cooler (MP17318).

Paragon Matt Ballpen

Completed: 03.06.19

ARAG had their branding laser engraved to the barrel of this Paragon Matt Ballpen which just screams of elegance. Contrasting off of the black of the ballpen it is one of the most lavish ways to get your branding across. Nice job ARAG!

For this project we used our Paragon Matt Ballpen (MP18129).

Small Logo Lollipop with Printed Stick

Completed: 31.05.19

We loved working with Ford on this lollipop. With the deep blue of the lollipop and the white stick this was such a clever way in representing their branding colours. The Ford on the face of the lollipop was moulded in white to give it an exquisite finish. Marvellous and delicious!

For this project we used our Small Logo Lollipop with Printed Stick (MP18247).

Large Rainham Cooler Bag

Completed: 26.05.19

Itsu had their logo UV digitally printed to the top and front of this cooler bag. The print is wonderfully delicate on the white bag which gives a real sense of richness. 

For this project we used our Large Rainham Cooler Bag (MP18757).

Stojo Collapsible Pocket Cup

Completed: 14.05.19

Digitally printed to the grip, Kantar Consulting's branding looks chic and gorgeous. The bright white and deep black propel the bright logo to give it an accomplished finish. A great way to tie branding in neatly. 

For this project we used our Stojo Collapsible Pocket Cup (MP20810).