Work Journal:

Bespoke Knitted Socks

Completed: 30.05.21

Made with bundles of love and care we were simply ecstatic when this sample came in for these bespoke socks. They were produced using a jacquard woven technique which gives each sock a premium overall finish whilst the soft nature of the socks gives them a highly desirably aesthetic.

For this project we used our Bespoke Knitted Socks (MP20311).

Diecast Transit Van Model

Completed: 23.05.21

Whether they end up in a toy box or on desks, these van models we produced for Murphy Plant really speak the brand volume and are bound to keep the logo in the minds of all! The vans were first sprayed green in their brand colour before having their design printed to each side of the van and bonnet for maximum exposure, great job Murphy Plant, until next time!

For this project we used our Diecast Transit Van Model (MP13270).

ColourCoat Thermal Bottle

Completed: 17.05.21

Pantone matched to green 2240c, these bottles contain a luxurious looking matte finish which complements the brand and brand message instinctively. Using a black based print to the front, gold to the black, and silver lid to finish the bottle off these bottles wouldn't look out of place on any high street shelf.

For this project we used our ColourCoat Thermal Bottle (MP21252).

Textile Mouse Mat

Completed: 09.05.21

CA Group really made the most of their full coverage mouse mats with this modern and sleek looking design. The design integrates their brand identity whilst the whitty use of the gradient subtly yet strikingly persuades the eye to look across the composition.

For this project we used our Textile Mouse Mat (MP16723).

Foxton 500ml RPET Bottle

Completed: 03.05.21

Screen printed in white to the front of these Foxton Bottles, CA Group made the most of the similarities between the clear stock blue of these bottles and their own brand blue for a closer level of personalisation and brand fluency. The white on transparent gives the logo a refined looking finish which is utterly gorgeous (if we may say so ourselves)!.

For this project we used our Foxton 500ml RPET Bottle (MP22060).

A5 Medium Croft Notebook

Completed: 29.04.21

Blind embossed to the front cover of this plush grey croft notebook CA Group have managed to give their brand a premium looking edge courtesy of this gorgeous print technique! The notebooks have a wonderful soft feel which is enhanced further through the sharper depths of the emboss. Simply stunning!

For this project we used our A5 Medium Croft Notebook (MP19302).

Beck Metal Ballpen

Completed: 22.04.21

Uncomplicated, smooth, clean. Just a few of the words that tie this pen up in a nut-shell. The white design was screen printed to the central part between both sets of upper and lower chrome details for ultimate exposure when held, whilst all monotone elements play a stunning role in the overall finish showing that opposites really can attract!

For this project we used our Beck Metal Ballpen (MP20686).

Mobile Phone Selfie Light

Completed: 14.04.21

What a way to get your campaign fully exposed with this selfie light! The light empowers the entire outer ring, helping draw focus to the inner message which was pad printed to the upper clip mechanism in a deep purple for maximum levels of distinction.

For this project we used our Mobile Phone Selfie Light (MP21231).

Sticky Smart Cover Notes A7

Completed: 07.04.21

A simple method with a striking impact these A7 Sticky Notes we produced have been transformed with the application of a gorgeous looking watermark. This design technique meant that the logo could remain at the forefront whilst keeping the majority of each sheet practical & ready to use. Finally to make each sheet even more dedicated to the brand we also added the website towards the bottom in black in a smaller point size to allow each element an impressive looking balance.

For this project we used our Sticky Smart Cover Notes A7 (MP15830).

Men's Urban Brushed Jersey T-Shirt

Completed: 06.04.21

What made this T-Shirt job so unique to the brand was the integration of a variety of closely matched Patone references to the front and back of each t-shirt. The slight glisten to the artwork courtesy of the nature of the screen print enhances the level significance of the relationship of the design against the black backdrop offering a greater level of brand exposure.

For this project we used our Men's Urban Brushed Jersey T-Shirt (MP19527).

A5 Medium Barkby Notebook

Completed: 02.04.21

A fairly basic looking notebook has been empowered into a highly desirable piece of merch with the nature of the full colour digital print on cover. Radware's design gives the composition a stunning edge which is complimented to-a-tee with a vibrant white cover and fiery red details, great job Radware!

For this project we used our A5 Medium Barkby Notebook (MP20874).

Senator Challenger Polished Ballpen

Completed: 26.03.21

The sophistication between the sharp white print and black polished ballpen really catches the eye. The team was highly impressed with the quality of the detail in the print which furthers the overall character of the pens. 

For this project we used our Senator Challenger Polished Ballpen (MP15910).

Senator Bridge Polished Plastic Ballpen

Completed: 20.03.21

This set of pens we printed for Nautical Institute have a stunning level of depth and sophistication. The white print on both clip and barrel against the lush cyan colour of the pen combine for a smooth finale which looks simply gorgeous when the polished nature of the pen is held to light.

For this project we used our Senator Bridge Polished Plastic Ballpen (MP20502).

Deluxe Key Finder

Completed: 16.03.21

The contrast of subtle tones between the laser engraved artwork against its silver counterpart is really what gives this key finder a classy aesthetic, making it look as though it'd be fit on any high-street shelf!

For this project we used our Deluxe Key Finder (MP20318).

Athena Ballpen

Completed: 14.03.21

The nature of the laser engraved logo against this luscious white pen gives the entire aesthetic a subtle yet sophisticated impression. With silver details to boot, the pen is sturdy to grip making it practical whilst looking utterly gorgeous!

For this project we used our Athena Ballpen (MP19311).