“Attenborough Arts centre handed us a brief to create some customised merchandise for their gift shop and for important visitors, so it was vital we got the brand across to maintain a longer lasting impression.”

Attenborough Arts Centre

The Attenborough Arts Centre is an epitome of the heart and soul of the Leicester community. Founded 18 years ago, they offer the public the chance to interact, grow and develop whilst being accessible and inclusive. Their message is clear and pure and we simply couldn't refuse when we were approached to create this set for their gift shop, and to use as hand-outs for visitors and event attendees.

The main objective for this brief was to create a range of products with a strong emphasis on being environmentally friendly and ethically sourced, a message that echoes through their own brand ethos. After arranging a meeting to visit the Arts Centre to discuss options and potential designs, we settled on a range of products that tie in with the main brand colours, black and red, with the products to have a retail feel but at an affordable price. With the Arts centre running a number of events and classes, the products chosen can all be used at the events or taken home as gifts. 

Our pick of the bunch was the Senator Skeye Bio Ballpen by far! Made in Germany from bioplastic & derived from sugar cane, ensures that the pens are not only made from eco-friendly materials but the origin of the product is also, with the Pen made in Germany in a water-powered manufacturing facility, and is driven to the UK, rather than flown. The Pen has a long life ink refill that lasts up to 6,000 metres ensuring that the branding gains longer lasting exposure. We hope these take Attenborough Arts Centre by storm and we are sure any receiver will be delighted to get their hands on them.

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