“On this occasion we were asked to come up with a range of products for event giveaways that would appeal to a diverse audience whilst also implementing Canal & River Trust's brand.”

Canal & River Trust

Working with communities across England and Wales to transform local canals and rivers, Canal & River Trust is a charity that provides a strong basis for wellbeing across both nations. We've had the pleasure to work closely with their marketing team since 2012 and love the consistency that the brand demands.

Brand exposure is of prime importance to the Trust in order to further establish itself within the public domain, especially when self promoting themselves during their regular events. For this to work we needed to come up with products that have repeated usage alongside ones that engaged people on a large scale. A5 pads, membership cards, colouring pencils and pens matched up with the former perfectly, all closely replicating the Trust's core Pantone colours. What pleased our studio the most was the quality of the print on the pads and cards which contained their ‘making waves’ design along the bottom for a desirable finish.

Last but not least is the bird box which we were really pleased with. A product that was fresh off the block it cannily tied in with Canal & River Trust's eco & environmental focus but also meant that they could expose their artwork in standalone outdoor areas for further publicity. Their logo for this was finely pad printed to the front face in the same blue Pantone which gave a rustic finale against the natural wood backdrop.

It's been pleasure yet again Canal & River Trust, good luck with your campaigns!

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