“Here we produced a range of speculative branded goodies for a meeting with our friends over at Canal & River Trust. The key? To nail down the brand language.”

Canal & River Trust - Speculative

We've worked with Canal & River Trust for almost a decade. As time has gone by our relationship has developed into one of our biggest success stories which speaks enormous volumes considering our wide & varied client base. A charity that looks after 2,000 miles of waterways across England & Wales they are a company that has high levels of credibility alongside honorability.

Our services include sampling and briefing, something we touch up on when we hold our annual meeting with their marketing team in which we put together a selection of the hottest & freshest branded goodness mixed with some of the classics from over the years. In fact, there were over 40 products we had to offer but for this case study chose 6 of the best which included a teddy, notebook, travel mug, sweet tubes & a bubble blower with all containing the ability to really tie-in Canal & River Trusts brand colours and messages. To narrow the search down further our in-house studio team came up with a range of visuals that adhered to their brand guidelines for their approval before our production team sent them off for approval then print. 

As mentioned, these were 6 of the best from this extensive project but if we had to be squeezed to pick the very best we'd have to choose the Universal Travel Mug. We've seen hundreds of these across our office over the years but with this one we used a full digitally printed wrap which meant we could include their slick waves pattern along the base with their main pantone as the dominant backdrop, with the lid cohesively in white with the logo.

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