“The aim of the project was to design a corporate looking set of items as a desk drop for new employees starting at the company to kick them off feeling prepared and as part of the team.”

Citipost Mail

Formed in 2006 after Royal Mail was deregulated, Citipost Mail offer one of the best logistical services of mailing for business' across the UK. Efficient, intelligent and reliable we felt we shared a similar work ethic so we were thrilled when Citipost Mail came to us to create some branded products.

On this project we were asked to create a range of items that are generally useful to any desk: a pen, coaster and notebook with the lanyard being used for employee ID and re-entering Citipost Mail with their key fobs. We were tasked with keeping these desk items as close to the brand as possible, using Citipost Mail's logo and branding colours especially on the lanyards and coasters which were Pantone Matched to ensure that the grey was an exact match to their's.

The set as a whole is exceptionally sophisticated. The prints came out crisp and vibrant with the deep reds really standing out amongst the grey and white. All the products have a premium focal point such as the grip on the pen ensuring great comfort. Any new employee starting at Citipost Mail will truly feel welcomed when receiving this well-thought desk set and we wish them luck and longevity in their careers there.

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