“A retail range for the De Montfort University Alumnus. The key to this project was to make each item premium and desirable, making them a fitting gift for those who have shown De Montfort University the highest level of commitment and dedication.”

De Montfort University

Based in the heart of Leicester, De Montfort University was originally founded as the Leicester School of Art in 1870 but became their namesake in 1992 and have continued to evolve into one of the country's finest universities. We are exceptionally fortunate to share such a fantastic working relationship with De Montfort University and despite already working with them for many years we were thrilled to be commissioned to create this wonderful retail set for their Alumni and Advancement Team, which will also be used by their sponsors and to take overseas to international meetings.

With this brief we wanted to offer high-quality, premium products that represented the university and its identity whilst remaining practical. With this in mind we came up with a pack we thought worthy of the university including: a 99% recycled coaster which is light and durable, a large leather key fob which is embossed to give it a premium finish and some woven polyester ties which are perfect for retail and internal use. 

Our favourite of the set was the Bespoke Cufflinks which were moulded into the shape of the De Montfort University Griffin with a raised and recessed design and finished in a gold gilt to offer a high quality looking finish. These were also supplied in a leather-look hinged gift box and gold foil blocked with the griffin to the inner lid to achieve an immediate impact once the box is opened. 

It truly is wonderful to work with De Montfort University and we can't wait to see what the future brings with our ever-growing relationship.  

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