“Here is a set of giveaway items for Heathrow's Academy Awards & for their VIP Lounge customers. The conclusion was an astute & respectable looking set of merch that tied in with their brand ideologies.”


A colossal giant in the British aviation game, Heathrow are a household brand that dominate the London skyline. With an approximate passenger count of over 80 million people during 2018 it's no wonder that they have progressed from strength-to-strength during their 90 years so far. 

On this occasion our contacts at an outsourcing company asked us to propose a set of merchandise that could be used by Heathrow as part of their Academy Awards scheme and branded products that would go on to be used as giveaways throughout their VIP lounge. So we put our minds together and decided that an A5 & A6 notebook, badge, sweet pot and varying pens were the way to go forward. The objective for these was to gain the maximum amount from the branding areas available with great detail towards contrasting elements so that the artwork would gain maximum exposure. Our search for these products was narrowed down by the choice of black and purple products which were selected in order to be consistent & speak Heathrow's brand language.

This differed when it came to the sweet pot and badge which were printed full colour allowing us to even further push Heathrow's message, with our pick of the bunch the sweet pot which was crisply digitally printed to the top of pots & were polished off with a quality dome-resin finish for that extra level of durability. 

This project really got the best out of our team's experience and proves knowledge is king. Thanks again Heathrow, happy flying!

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