“Our mission on this task was to create gift boxes for each HSBC graduate, with the final result relaying all the brand qualities for a cohesive overall aesthetic.”

HSBC - Graduation Gifts

We've worked with HSBC for over a decade now which has resulted into a smooth and successful working relationship. On this Fulfilment project we were tasked with coming up with some gifts for their new graduates and having delivered other similar projects before, whilst with our relationship in mind, equalling a successful project once more.

Practicality, brand awareness and sustainability were some of the non-negotiables on this task, with a real focus on the latter part combined with quality to ensure that they would be kept for many years to come. A tech travel case, RFID wallet and one of our Ocean Bottle Brew travel cups ticked all of these boxes, with each having the ability to have long lives compared to lower-quality options making them even more sustainable and hitting the brief to perfection.

On this job we're going to say our pick is the packaging options. The red box, red tissue, black crinkle and a black sealing sticker all combined to take the personalisation to the next level due to their close correlation to the brand palette, giving the whole piece a more thought-out feel.

Thank you again for the brief HSBC and we wish your graduates all the best for the future!

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