“The key to this brief was ensuring we provided merch that spoke the HSBC brand language, so colour and cohesion was vital.”

HSBC - Summer Intern & Graduate Gifts

Having produced multiple large projects with our friends at HSBC we were tasked with providing more merch for their summer interns and graduates. We were once again thrilled to receive this commission with their brand now becoming something of a mojo mainstay.

This project simply oozed class and style. The Ecoffee cups are an item that each recipient will keep for years to come, whilst the notebooks and bottles came in all 3 colours as requested which offer both practicality and spoke the brand language. We were even more thrilled to receive their request of eco credentialed items which gave this project an extra layer of depth, whilst each item was also planted alongside a tree to offset their carbon footprint even further!

Thanks again HSBC, and good luck to all of your intern and graduates!

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