“We are proud to have produced a number of garments for Special Edition doughnut launches for the UK wide Krispy Kreme stores.”


Krispy Kreme Doughnuts have become a household name through their production of the highest quality doughnuts. We can personally say that the product is excellent, having consumed many of their doughnut trays within our office! If you are yet to try one, do not hesitate, our personal favourite is the “Rocky Road” filled with toffee and mallow.

An international company with stores all over the world, we are very proud to have worked alongside the UK office of Krispy Kreme for a number of their promotional campaigns. In particular we have produced a number of garments to promote marketing campaigns across their UK stores.

This case study starts with the “Krispy Cream” April Fools campaign, with a fun play on the spelling of the company name. We were commissioned to produce t-shirts and caps to appear very closely with the normal uniform, in order to tie in with a successful social media campaign in which the company spoofed a company name change! Check out this article in the Mirror newspaper!

Other campaigns we have worked on include Halloween and Christmas Special Edition doughnuts and the launch of the Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Creme flavour. These projects have involved the production of t-shirts to be dispatched to all of the UK store locations. For each t-shirt produced the colour of the t-shirt, the print colour and the print quality were of paramount importance. In order ensure a successful result screen printing was chosen as the branding method of choice, including the full colour designs and multiple print positions. This resulted in a retail finish print to reflect the high quality product and service offered by the Krispy Kreme stores.

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