“Here we were tasked with coming up with a range of goods as client gifts & for internal use that voiced Millboard's craftsmanship roots.”


A family run business in the heart of Britain, Millboard are a company that insist on dedicated craftsmanship & visual excellence. They specialise in real wood decking that is produced using the most modern and comprehensive techniques available within their sector. When they got in touch it was simply a match made in heaven for the team here at mojo HQ.

Being daring whilst maintaining high levels of brand cohesion is something Millboard and ourselves have in common, so naturally we were able to adhere to the key visual aspects that this project demanded. Design was key. Hierarchy, breathing space and scale had to be considered carefully by our studio at visual, artwork & proofing stage to leave no stone unturned. Following the arrival of their samples and the signing off of the proof it was then down to our production and factory teams to see through the hard work we'd put in so far and they certainly did us proud. 

What was produced had an exceptional level of quality giving the set a polished and retail looking finish. Our pick would have to be the rulers which were digitally printed in full colour using a contrasting decking photo as the background with the logo, website and strapline split across for expansive brand exposure.

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