“Mimecast tasked us with putting together a set of practical products for new starters. Keeping them neat and uncomplicated was they key to this project to make the most of the brand exposure.”


Founded in the heart of London in 2003, Mimecast are one of the biggest growing email security firms in the world. Listed on Nasdaq in 2015 and backed by leading partners with over $85 million worth of investment they are a company with huge ambitions and are certain to become a world leader within their industry. We've worked with Mimecast for over 5 years and it's been a pleasure to watch them grow at the same time we have here at Mojo. 

The brief with this set was to create a set of merchandise for Mimecast's new starters that would also be used as giveaways. We chose to use a set of premium lanyards and notebooks which have a soft touch finish and bespoke pages. We felt these would be useful to the staff straight away but also make them feel as part of the team instantly. We also decided on the mouses, which keep in line with the core ideation of Mimecast's business, as a premium giveaway to their customers.

We always have a favourite here at Mojo, however, and we must say on this instance it's the mint cards! We've had these printed for Mojo over the years which we've predominantly used as mail-outs, and once Mimecast received one they couldn't resist! The cards were digitally printed to the front of a clear card with the slogan 'Mimemints' wittily added on to add a sense of humour and warmth which make a lovely first impression to any new customer. 

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