“Dark base colours was the name of the game on this job, with a range of branding techniques with the final outcome a dynamic set of merch.”


A company that uses the latest and best behavioural science to develop solutions, MindGym are a company that a fast growing into a major player. Modern and with a clear vision it's why when they enquired we couldn't have been more delighted.

Incorporating a range of their branding materials was a really important part of this project which pretty much opened the door for most products - a daunting and exciting combination for sure! What helped us narrow the search down was the desire to have black based products for more cohesion. A mug, bottle, notebook and pen ensured that the merch could be used practically, whilst the stickers acted as a fun and novel way to show the brand alternatively, all whilst trying in their branding materials.

The highlight for us? Quite simply the Black Wycombe which was dye sublimated around the outside wrap. What stood out on this mug was how well the gradients merged with the black base.

Thanks for the commission MindGym, we look forwarded to hearing from you in the future!

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