“Here we have a selection of some of our Self Promo merch, with the outcome a set of what we consider cohesive & on-brand.”

Mojo - Self Promo

One of our biggest mottos is to practice what we preach. Brand cohesive, long lasting and of course sustainable, this group of merch is a collection from the past 12 months of mostly self promo products and a couple of internal pieces.

White or Pantone matched print is usually the name of the game when it comes to our merch, which can be seen across the products above. Alike many of our customers we are really precise when it comes down to the pink print in order to keep all of our merch closely tied in. When the pre-production samples came in for the likes of the glow charger we instantly got out our Pantone book to ensure the finest print possible. This was different to the notebooks and Sprout pencils which were embossed and engraved respectively for a longer lasting and premium looking finish.

With an array of tech, writing instruments, notebooks and tasty treats to boot, our favourites in this collection are the Chocolate Box which we handed out to the team for our 15th anniversary & also the quality Karst notebooks which have stunning eco-credentials and bundles of co-brand potential!

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