“A selection of tasty treats and refreshments was what was required for Motability's online event with some practical merch to tie their boxes off.”

Motability Operations - The Big MO Coffee Break

Motability Operations are a company that knows all about taking care of their customers. They enable people to keep themselves mobile through a range of products to keep people connected and feel empowered. We've worked with their team for years and are proud to have such a strong and close working relationship.

We were simply over the moon when they enquired about our Direct Mail services for their coffee break event and promised them an experience that they'd never forget.

Our task was simply to put together a pack that would allow each recipient to enjoy a drink and biscuits whilst the virtual event took place. So we put together a choice of tea, coffee and hot chocolate so everyone could make their drink of choice and get right involved. Then we added a few packs of Mini Border Biscuits which have gone down well on other Direct Mail projects. These were tied off with a Durham Mug with our Studio putting together the wrapped design at towards the bottom to increase the use of the branding area, all whilst tying in what the event was all about. Finally the boxes were completed with some rustic crinkle paper and a set of instructions on the reverse of the mini postcard which also included the event time and date.

This has been one of our favourite projects over the last year and it's really not hard to see why. Thank you Motabiltiy Operations!

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