“For their event giveaway across multiple addresses within the EU it was key that we produced this set with a bold language that could be interpreted visually with ease.”


An award winning global leader in cyber security and data services Radware are one of the most innovative & modern companies around. They provide solutions for over 12,500 enterprises & carrier customers across enabling them with a fast service within budget.

With this project we were commissioned to create a united set of branded merch that communicated clearly the Radware brand. We recommended the mug which could be written on using chalk for a personal touch, speaker, travel adapter, notebook and yo-yo. Each product had a largely contrasting practical use in order to appeal to a more diverse target market which was key to the product selection process. 

The pick of the bunch for us? Well surprisingly we'd pick the yo-yo for a variety of reasons! First, the flashing light inside illuminates the transparent green which grabs the attention and pulls the eye further towards the Radware logo. Secondly for us it's that classic take on a nostalgic product that everyone has tried out at some point in life, bridging all age groups together and again further cementing the branding unconsciously to the forefront.

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