“Keeping the print quality true to the brand philosophy was crucial to this project with white products required to keep the artwork at the forefront of the project.”

Sapa Building Systems

One of the largest suppliers of aluminum throughout Europe, Sapa Building Systems produce some of the most aesthetically pleasing metal structures for architects across the globe. Precision, design & innovation are crucial to the company backdrop within means of sustainability. When the mojo team was approached by their team it was a logical decision given the similarities between both companies ideologies.

The mission we were tasked with was producing a set of merchandise that the Sapa team could use across their offices and everyday tasks, so the products had to be practical whilst possessing a high degree of elegance, in line with the brand's language. A mug, ruler & pen were quickly identified as the go-to products during our briefing with each containing the ability to tie in their traditional grey & blue guideline colours. 

The cherry on top for us was the quality of the print on the Scale Ruler which was digitally printed in full colour as standard. Sapa resourcefully used the entire length of the branding area; managing to get their logo, company name, telephone & website split across the length for a gorgeous level of balance between each element. 

It was a pleasure working with you on this occasion Sapa, thanks again and enjoy your merch!

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