“With this project we were approached to create a set of products that were bespoke and have a retail quality for Solarwinds' exhibition event. This helped us tie-in Solarwinds' branding seamlessly with the final outcome of the set being vibrant and sumptuous.”


With a customer base of over 300,000 worldwide and growing, SolarWinds is fast becoming one of the biggest IT Management Software service providers within the industry. Offering a wide range of services from network management to IT security, they are a company that thrives in one of the busiest and fastest growing sectors globally. We were delighted to be commissioned by a global events company for this project which was to create a variety of products to draw people into SolarWinds' exhibition stand.

Our goal was to create these items to be not only eye-catching but also bespoke in order to set SolarWinds apart from the competition. With this in mind, we decided to go with a 5-in1 adaptor, Rubik's cube, button badges, a bespoke hardback notebook and a set of bespoke UK made socks. With these we were able to tie-in SolarWinds' designs and brand colours making them unique and desirable. The pick of the bunch for us was the bespoke UK made socks which were knitted with a bespoke design and supplied with a custom print belly band for extra branding potential. They were also manufactured in Leicestershire, the traditional home of hosiery for a professional retail quality finish.

This project was an honour to be a part of and we are sure the products will meet the needs and expectations of all at Solarwinds' exhibition event. Good luck with the event SolarWinds!

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