“With a meeting with the Marketing Manager of Specsavers on the horizon, we were tasked with coming up with ideas and inspiration that complimented their brand and ideologies.”


Since being founded over 30 years ago Specsavers have developed their brand as a family run business and gone on to dominate the UK high-streets. A multi-national corporation with nearly 2,000 stores, it's become an eye-care brand that we've all gone on to be familiar with. Our team at Mojo are proud to say we've had that little bit more insight into the company having worked with their team for a number of years and have gone on to develop a strong working relationship.

When we were approached by them to hold a meeting for ideas and inspiration we simply couldn't refuse! We've gone on to know their brand at the back of our hand, so the pressure was on to impress and keep the product ideas consistent with their brand whilst instilling fresh perspectives. From our initial conversation we knew that the merchandise would be used for either meetings or desk drop gifts which allowed us to narrow the search through our range.

Though there was an array of printed samples from our production team we could have used for this case study, we decided to put together a notebook, travel mug, adaptors, speaker and mint tins as we felt these portrayed the brand elegantly.

The Notebooks were made using UK made vegan PU material, offering contrast covers, with the dark green cover tying in effortlessly with Specsavers’ brand colours. The Speaker, Xoopar Octopus and Duo Adaptor were also included as they are great practical and high quality tech items. But our standout product for the meeting was the Universal Coffee Cup. UK made, containing a low-carbon footprint & completely recyclable with stunning branding potential, they are a great way of reducing single use plastic which ties-in to the ethos of the Great British high-street.

It's safe to say we were really pleased with how the project went and that we intend to continue our strong relationship with Specsavers for years to come!

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