“We were asked to produce Welcome to the Team Packs, with the result a warm and practical set of essential merch with some scrumptious treats.”

Specsavers - Onboarding Boxes

Having had a working relationship with Specsavers for almost a decade, nothing is ever too much trouble. So when they asked us to visualise, produce, stock and send these Onboarding Boxes out it was something we couldn't say no to!

Our Direct Mail Service provided us with bundles of trade during the pandemic and has since been adapted to allow projects such as this one to flourish. After several discussions of what the boxes would contain we agreed on a variety of practical and tasty products that would be sure to lift any newcomers' spirits whilst also kitting them out with essentials.

Our highlight was the A6 Postcard, which contained a full colour design to the front and a warming welcome message to the reverse which really tied the entire protect together

These boxes went on to be held within our dedicated fulfilment warehouse and continue to be distributed to each new starter between every one to two weeks from their starting dates. Good luck to you all and enjoy the merch!

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