“The main goal of this project was to create an affordable set of merch that tie-in with Telstra's colour palette for their global events & exhibitions.”


Founded on the 1st of July in 1975, Telstra are a world leader in telecommunications and digital content. Serving millions across the globe they are based across the opposite side of our planet - Melbourne, Australia, but their influence grows through their digital content strategy. Through their content they aim to strive to keep communities and business connected by developing innovative technological solutions that simplifies the industry and empowers customers alike. It's these principles that have kept our relationship with Telstra pure, so when they asked us to put together some branded goodies for their EMEA events and exhibitions we simply couldn't refuse!

The most imperative aspect of this project was tying in their brand seamlessly whilst making the products cost-effective and desirable, they had to have a global appeal across multi-cultures where the events & exhibitions were being held. A tricky brief but that's where our team's prowess and industry savviness comes into full effect. In order to make the most of the Telstra brand palette, we chose the Senator Liberty Polished Ballpen alongside the A5 Croft Notebook with both items available in a great range of colours, complementing each other effortlessly. Our Zeus Powerbank and credit-card sized Mint Card are both lightweight and compact making them ideal for shipping to and storing at events. 

The highlight of this project just had to be the Kangaroo Soft Toy. An Australian based corporation, this was the perfect focal-product. Standing apart from the common Teddy Bear, the Kangaroo is produced to retail standards, with the White T-Shirt the perfect base for Pantone Matching the Telstra logo. Fun and playful, this product is great for giving to children for long-lasting brand exposure.

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