“We are proud to have worked with Undertone to bring together a cohesive set of merchandise to promote their company.”


We were proud to work with the prestigious furniture store Heal’s on this project. The store opened in 1810 and is located at Rathbone Place, London, they offer furniture, lighting and accessories made to the highest standard. We highly recommend giving them a vist!

We were approached to produce a post-purchase gift for their customers, a place to keep notes for design ideas and to jot down thoughts on future purchases. It was imperative that the brand colours and the final finish matched their brand guidlines to ensure continuity with their other marketing material.

During the process we produced visuals and pre-production samples to ensure the goods were “just so” before we went on to produce the bulk merchandise. The final result was very impressive, with a completely bespoke notebook, split pencil colours and simple tape measure.

The notebook in particular was embossed to an uncoated card, printed to the outer spine, pantone matched to the inner cover and contained squared paper. Definitely not an off the shelf item!

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