“Since their re-brand in late 2022, we've collected a range of the Universities promotional merch, with the new 'bar' logo being integrated across a range of practical products.”

University of Leicester - Rebrand

Since their first enquiry with us over a decade ago, our relationship with the team over at the University of Leicester continues to go from strength to strength. When they re-branded in late 2022 we simply couldn't wait to get their brand guidelines over and see how their merch evolved, and it truly has.

The biggest change to their assets was the new range of bar logos, with the range have specific requirements based on the branding size, location and of course how they where being branded. One of the highlights which shows this to a tee was the Real Wood Awards, with one of their longer, horizontal versions able to run down the award which was engraved to show the prestige of the award.

With the bottles and chargers we were even able to make the logo show through in order to achieve a far more bespoke looking set. As ever, their traditional red Pantone colour made the pages of the guidelines, with black, white and a new cyan colours also making the cut which gave us an added layer of flexibility when it came to mixing the colours up, and also finding the right products for the right job.

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