“Keeping the ULSB logo at the forefront of each item was a must on this project whilst keeping everything with in budget. The final result was a bold set that keeps the brand message at the forefront.”

University of Leicester School of Business

An internationally renowned deliverer of business education & ranked 14th in the UK for research power the University of Leicester School of Business is one of the finest providers of education within it's subject & continues to grow. 

Their 6 colour logo design has a contemporary aesthetic whilst the tones open up the door for a much more diverse range of products that we could match them with to keep this project cohesive with the branding. The task? To find products that would keep their students well equipped whilst also being able to stay refreshed throughout their busy days.

Immediately it was clear the notebooks & pens were a must have item for their students to jot down notes whilst the water bottles could keep them refreshed during lectures, seminars & during general use across the day. As with most educational institutes sticking to their budget throughout the academic year whilst providing a quality product to inspire their students was essential and it is exactly what we managed to achieve. Using monotone 1 colour prints on all kept costs down but was really pleased us was that we were able to source the products from our production team with a fair level of cohesion to their core brand colours. 

All products met our expectations with crisp print and a smart finish but we loved the hierarchy implemented on the notebook design, with their logo-type proudly dominating the centre of the notebooks & the supporting artwork placed central towards the bottom to give a real sense of unification.


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