A Purrrfect New Flatmate

By Kyra Leigh

What is a person to do when it grows dark and chilly? Adopt a cat of course! Well at least that's what our admin assistant, Kyra, has done, welcoming an adorable dot of a kitten into her home.

Originally, Kyra had wanted to call her new cat Gremlin or Goblin. But after watching this tiny kitten - so small that she could curl up in the palm of your hand - strut around the room completely unfazed by the strangers around her, she realised that this kitten was a little queen and needed a name to suit. So Maeve it was.

It sounds corny, but it was love at first sight.

At just two months old, Maeve is a tiny ball of furry chaos as she ambushes her toys, sprints at breakneck speeds around the flat, and yells whenever she is cruelly refused human food. When she isn’t being a deadly predator in training, Maeve cuddles up on her favourite blanket and hot water, her tiny paws twitching as she dreams of hunting for treats.

This is the first time I have sole responsibility for an animal, so as much as I am excited, I am also very nervous.

Apart from a couple of accidents (one of them on Kyra, much to her horror), Maeve has settled in wonderfully, and is very quickly growing into a loving and intelligent feline. Kyra has plans to train Maeve to be an emotional support animal, but it’s still early days and Maeve is much too small for her harness.


So until then, it’s lots of snuggles and Dreamies for Kyra and Maeve.