And so the first month of Alphabakes draws to a close…

When we finished MoJo Munchies in 2019 after three years of animal themed delectibles, it left quite the hole in our MoJo heart (and stomach). Gone were the mounds of cakes and confectionaries, and all that was left was a noticeable pause during the Wednesday staff meeting when the weekly cake unveiling once happened. So it is perfectly understandable that within a month, we decided the hole must be filled and came up with the next cake competition to last us will 2022: Alphabakes!

The rules are simple. Each month, one of us must create a sweet treat item that begins with a certain letter of the alphabet that changes each month. As with MoJo Munchies, the edible item must be made from sweets or desserts (no major fruit components allowed!), and there can be no animals and absolutely no repeats - this includes synonyms for different letters. These tasty offerings are then rated out of five for originality, execution and flavour for a total score out of fifteen.

Already the bar has been set high with Sally zooming to the top of the leaderboard with a delicious homemade victoria sponge Address-book! David is close behind with his imaginative - if structurally worrying - Abacus. Then coming in at third place is Laura’s retro Album cake.

Suffice to say, it is exceedingly good to have weekly cake back on our schedule. So let's cross our fingers for a brilliant and bounteous February, our #MonthofB.