Branded Merch: Keep Connected

By Sally Edwards

An insight into how promotional merchandise can grow sales & brand awareness.

Whether your company is a corporate powerhouse in the heart of London or a small tech firm in the outskirts of Hull, expanding your brand awareness through marketing and experiences is an invaluable tool to grow sales. Scenario: you're doing your supermarket shop and you're offered a free branded coffee mug. No matter what the brand is, we are 85% more likely to be familiarised with the brand after we receive this freebie (Forbes). Whatsmore is that we are 64% likely to give this away once we've had our use out of the merchandise. The branding on that product has now been familiarised by a minimum of 2 people, with 76% of these being favourable towards the brand. Promotional Merchandise is a powerful tool and we've been lucky enough to be involved in this sector for over a decade; developing new expertise from our experience and client trends.

No matter what the brand is, we are 85% more likely to be familiarised with the brand after we receive this freebie (Forbes)

There are two main types of branded merchandise: practical items or gifts. They play off one another and give a recipient that feel good-feeling created by love and thoughtfulness. Something as basic and low-value as a cotton bag, for instance, can be taken to shops, university halls or simply just to pop everything into on the commute to work. When you consider the end-users they are almost limitless. Then consider brand exposure throughout these activities. Printed with your design on a side whilst using a colour that compliments the bag, your brand can go from Glasgow to London whilst being exposed to hundreds if not thousands. All this whilst costing £0.93 per unit. It's a good-will factor that benefits all parties. 

The second element is promotional gifts. Our experiences have shown us that these often offer a more tailored approach to get new clients onboard or to further expose your brand in the public-domain. From stress toys to branded sweet pots they give your brand:

  • Fun-loving feeling that shows your companies character
  • Thoughtfulness & care
  • Your brand's ethos

Our range has been carefully hand picked over numerous years, offering the best and most diverse products that are currently on the market right now. In summary, these products printed with your brand onto can give your marketing campaigns the desired effect - exposure. Tailored to your market this exposure can ultimately lead to the growth of consumer confidence and moreover the growth of sales. 

Branded Merch? It's a win-win!