Here at MoJo Promotions, we understand that a picture is worth a thousand words. After all, it is what our business is all about.

So when the sharing of cake fell out of vogue due to a certain international situation and Alphabake was sadly no more, it seemed only sensible to turn to photography for the next company competition. Perhaps not the most obvious idea to come to mind, but with creative juices going to waste and everyone in the office being in possession of a camera phone, it felt like the right thing to do. And if there is anything that we have learnt these last few weeks, it is that the human experience is a communal one. We are not built to live in isolation. So if we can’t give each other cakes or even a hug, the next best thing to share is a fleeting moment of light and colour captured on camera.

As normal, the rules are simple.

  • Each round will have a theme
  • The photos must have been taken by the person who’s turn it is using their phone.
  • The photo will then be judged on originality of subject and originality of composition and given a total score out of ten.

The first round’s theme is ‘people’, so if you fancy yourself as having an eye for aesthetics, join us on social media every Wednesday for the next submission to the MoJo’s Montage, and follow the drama on #MoJosMontage.